Journal of Commerce – April 4, 2016

B.C. is home-base to some of the world’s foremost research and development facilities. Within that spectrum are two forest product research and marketing organizations providing Western Canadian contractors with expertise in wood construction while three others also provide strong support.

This is the first of a two-part series that explores the various organizations and the role they play in helping contractors. Part one looks at BC Wood Specialties Group (BC Wood) and Wood WORKS! BC. Part two will highlight NEWBuildS, FPInnovations and Forestry Innovation Investment Ltd.

BC Wood

Brian Hawrysh, chief executive officer of BC Wood, says the key premise behind BC Wood is to connect “our industry with the end-users of our wood products.” The organization consists of 120 members ranging from primary breakdown mills to value-added manufacturers, doors and windows to cross laminated timber producers.

While BC Wood’s major focus is market driven on the U.S. and offshore markets, the major downturn in the U.S. has placed increased importance on the domestic market by producers. The focus has dovetailed with the growing demand domestically for construction beyond wood’s traditional market in single family residential construction.
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Part 2 of the article highlights NEWBuildS, FPInnovations, and Forestry Innovation Investment (BCFII). Click here to read part 2