What Is Digital Marketing?

It seems like everywhere you go there is someone who is tasked with Digital Marketing. In fact, many people now have titles such as Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Operations Manager, and Manager of Digital and Online Marketing. But what is Digital Marketing? I have heard it described as any marketing involving electronic technology and data collection…

How Does Digital Marketing Come Into Play With Trade Shows and Events?

Social Media – Social media can be used to promote events before, during and after the fact. This promotion can increase attendance and engagement at the event. It can be used to poll attendees about their preferences before the event and gather real-time information during and after (this can be dangerous if things did not go as well as you hoped for). Depending on your type of event, you can have your clients share social posts and even ask them to rate your company using social platforms. With all of this comes great data you can gather to further fine-tune your marketing tactics. In fact, events give marketers a great reason to communicate with clients on social media and further the client relationship from a digital connection to a personal face-to-face engagement.

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