I am the owner/artist of Featureworx. I offer design/build services with CNC carving capabilities. I also build and sell my own designs.
I have hundreds of board feet of what I think is old growth Indonesian/Burmese teak.  And this is where I have a bit of a dilemma;  I’m afraid to cut into this stuff, not knowing what it’s worth, if I would devalue it by making any of these shorter.  I would like to get some advice on how to sell some value added products I could make from it without feeling guilty about cutting a 16ft board in half…and..AND…I’m also willing to sell the whole lot of it at an agreed upon price.

Below are a few pictures of the teak.
The boards have been in my shop for about a year and a half. I know what harvested teak goes for and this stuff is not that. From what I’ve revealed so far, this teak is just stunning. I found some Asian looking script on the end of a few boards.

Most boards are at the 12 to 14 ft length but many are longer, only a few shorter and the shortest is is probably 11ft. The width range quite a bit. Most are 2¼” thick, a few at just over an inch thick and a few at over 3″

If you are interested, please contact me.

Gerald Lauzé
Designer / Owner
206-19148 27th ave
Surrey BC
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