Roy Manion


The first three months of our fiscal year (April – June) have proven to be very active for the Specifiers Program with Lunch & Learn sessions. Some sessions were initiated by the firms themselves who requested information on a variety of specific products.
The number of companies from industry participating in the program at this point has also been more active than in the past; however, now that summer is upon us, we anticipate a significant slowdown in activity until the fall.
While the activity in our Specifier Program slows significantly during summer, this is the time of year when preparations for the GBM including our WoodTALKS program, kicks into high gear.
WoodTALKS, for those who may be unfamiliar with the term, is the program that targets those who greatly influence what products are specified and educate them on available wood products. For example, this could include interesting designs featuring wood, especially those designs where in the past non-wood products have been specified and used.
The GBM has been one of the most successful program of its type, and the group here at BC Wood is dedicated to ensure that will be the case again in 2017.
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