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2010 Overview of Financing: This guide acquaints you with government assistance programs and services for small business. Both federal and provincial programs are listed.

2010 Wood Facts: Illustrates the life cycle of wood building products; explains the role of Life Cycle Assessment in comparing environmental impacts of various materials; shows how wood products help reduce carbon emissions; and looks at the significance of certification programs

A Guide to Doing Business with the BC Government: This guide provides you with information on the purchasing and bid process for doing business with the Government of British Columbia.

Export Finance Guide: This guide will help you determine what kind of financing you need, and where to find it. Direct links to export finance solutions from both public and private sector institutions are provided, as well as risk mitigation solutions and other relevant information to your export finance needs at the appropriate stage.

Exporting BC Wood Products to China: Guide to provide Canadian exporters and Chinese importers with a brief overview of the key topics and issues surrounding the trading of B.C. wood products.

How to Recession-Proof Your Business: Ten fast acting and low-cost keys to protecting and growing your business in any economy

Import/Export Guide 2009: This guide provides key resources on exporting and importing for businesses operating in B.C.

Starting a Small Business in BC Guide:  If you want to join this group of independent-minded entrepreneurs, this guide is for you. It will introduce you to some of the essential things you need to know about starting a small business and tell you where you can find more information to make sure your new business is a success.

Ten Keys To Starting Your Recovery – Right Now!: Ten fast acting, no-cost, and low-cost ways to boost your sales — and get a head start on the coming economic recovery

The Product Development Booklet: A supplement to the Product Development Workshop (revised in Jan 2010).

Understanding CNC Routers: This book was created to give potential consumers of CNC routers a basic understanding of the inner workings of the technology. A better informed consumer can then make better purchasing decisions and increase the chance of successful integration of the technology in his or her shop.

Understanding CNC Routers Part 1

Understanding CNC Routers Part 2

Copies of this easy to ready book can be ordered from for $20 each, or contact the author, Alain Albert at 604-222-5613


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