General Information

Why should I become a BC Wood Member?

As a value-added wood products manufacturer, there are many benefits available to you as a member of BC Wood. Our mandate is to help grow export opportunities for our members and we accomplish this with programs designed to educate and elevate our members’ capabilities to enter new – and expand current export markets.

Cost-share is available for many of our tradeshow and mission programs.

Thousands of product inquiries are received annually through our Wood Supply Network (WSN) and are only available to registered BC Wood members.

How do I become a Member?

Once you have completed and returned a Membership Application form, it will be reviewed and member status will be determined. You can download the form or receive it by calling BC Wood and have it emailed or faxed.

What are the criteria to become a Member?

Minimum eligibility criteria states: your firm must have been in business for six months, your firm must have a WCB number, your firm must produce a value-added wood product and manufacturing that product must constitute at least 60% of the firm’s business, your value-added wood product must be made of at least 1/3 wood, your firm must manufacture at least 60% of its value-added wood product in BC.

Which countries does BC Wood have representation in?

BC Wood currently has representative offices and staff in Japan, China, Europe, Korea and the US.

What is the cost to become a Member?

The annual price for full membership is $2000.00 or basic membership is available for $500.00.

Associate Members

What is an Associate Member?

The Associate Membership program has been created to connect our members with organizations that provide products and services to the secondary wood products industry in British Columbia. A company who is associated with the secondary wood products industry, but does not meet minimum eligibility requirements of a BC Wood member, is welcome to become an Associate Member.

How do I become an Associate Member?

An application form must be filled out and returned. You can download this form or receive it by calling BC Wood and having it emailed for faxed.

What is the cost to become an Associate Member?

The base Associate Membership fee is $350.00.

Wood Supply Network (WSN)

What is the WSN?

The Wood Supply Network is an online system that matches inquiries from all over the world with the capabilities of BC Wood members.

How does the WSN work?

Potential buyers select the product(s) they are sourcing, enter specific details and contact information, and are shown a list of matching manufacturers. Each matching manufacturer receives an email notification of the new lead, and can view the complete information at the Wood Supply Network main page.

How do I enter an inquiry?

Visit the main page for the Wood Supply Network and select ‘Create an Inquiry’, then complete the information in the following simple steps.

What is my WSN username and Password?

Your username and password is indicated in all automatic notification emails from the WSN. If you have never received a notification from the WSN for a new inquiry, contact BC Wood to obtain your username and password. (note: you need to send in your company information by completing the form on the Members Only sign in page)