Jim Ivanoff |  ivanoff@canadawood.jp

The Osaka Living and Design Show has grown into not only one of the leading design shows in Japan, but also the most respected housing related show in the Kansai region. The show’s producer, Toshiyuki Kita, creates one of the most visually appealing exhibitions with a grand entrance, a stunning café area, and high-standards set for the exhibitors’ booths. This show also has one of the best aisle layouts that directs visitors around all of the booths. Living & Design has also grown in scope with more emphasis now on renovations.

BC Wood has based its Kansai promotions around this show for the past several years and this time we exhibited with five members showing finishing materials ranging from furniture and kitchens to WRC products. The reaction to our booth was very positive and as a result, we developed over 350 new contacts.

BC Wood also worked with the show organizers to host a talk by Yukio Hashimoto, who produced the recently completed Conrad Osaka Hotel, featuring work by one of our members. Brent Comber, as the main art piece in the reception area. Being one of Japan’s top designers, Hashimoto-san drew in a large a large crowd for the talk and he did a wonderful presentation on why he has chosen to work with Brent, and on the uniqueness of Canadian wood species.

As in past years, the show had good representation from overseas. There were participants from Italy, France, the USA, as well as Asia. Domestic Japanese wood producers also had a strong presence and in many cases were promoting furniture and millwork applications of softwoods. Overall, wood products have become very prevalent at this show.

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