An ounce of prevention can save lives. That is why it is imperative to make wood products fire retardant. However, there are many types of fire retardants to choose from. For architectural millwork, Penetrative Fire Retardant, for both interior and exterior use, is quickly becoming the best choice.


Like the traditional types of fire retardants, Intumescent and Impregnation, Penetrative Fire Retardants have a Flame Spread Rating of Less than 25 (Class A fire retardant), while also having many added benefits. Examples include no salts that cause luminescing of the wood, can be stained, or clear coated over with compatible products all while having no negative impact to the aesthetic of the wood. Unlike the traditional alternatives, Penetrative can be applied to LVL, Glulam, and more. It is also non-toxic, LEED compliant, and can be factory or site applied.


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