Date: Spring/Summer 2017
Location: Langley, BC
Trainer: Randy Hnatko

This series of workshops has been designed and tailored toward arming sales professionals with the techniques, knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in their environment, helping them to overcome any barriers they may encounter along the way.

Trainwest Management & Consulting Inc. CEO & World-Renowned Sandler Trainer, Randy Hnatko, will teach proven strategies and tactics to navigate today’s competitive sales climate. Attendees will walk away with tools and skills for real-world success that they can apply for immediate results Investment.


Date: Thursday, May 18, 2017
Time: 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Location: KPMG Building – 3rd floor, 8506 200 Street, Langley, BC
Cost: $19.05 + GST (includes lunch and coffee)
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Please join our small group of business owners in the value-added wood industry for a roundtable discussion with industry experts regarding topics affecting you, your family, and your business


  • Tax Considerations
  • Do you have a written retirement and/or business transition plan?
  • How will you be exiting your business? (Three choices: sale to a 3rd party, transition to a family member, and closing the business down)
  • Have you evaluated all the potential tax strategies to withdrawing funds from your company?
  • Does your business qualify for the $800,000 SMALL BUSINESS CAPITAL GAINS EXEMPTION? Are you aware of how you can magnify this exemption?
  • What will you do as a retired owner?
  • Are you aware of the current value of tax owed on the shares of your company if they were sold?
  • How much of your retirement will be funded through your business?
  • What do you plan to do with the proceeds of your business’s sale? Will you be seeking capital protection, income, growth or a combination of all three?