GBM 2015 Update

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Have you booked your space at the 2015 GBM EVENT yet?

“The GBM is a structured and highly organized trade show that brings qualified business partners together. And there is not better setting than Whistler to encourage enthusiasm and conversation. As far as trade shows go, GBM has quickly climbed up the ladder of relevance. Most sawmills and wholesalers from Western Canada attended this year. I think the representation from these industries is better than NAWLA. Personally I wouldn’t change a thing.” Dakeryn Industries

If you haven’t experienced the GBM, or have had to miss it this past year, you should be aware that this is the greatest opportunity of the year to showcase your products to over 300 pre-qualified international buyers and North American Architects, Designers, Builders, Contractors, Developers & Engineers.

“Once again a great event with a good mix of visitors. The mix between “Wood First” attendants and “Global Buyers” gives it the critical mass to make it a great event.” Brisco Mfg.

Last year, over $43 million in new business was developed at this event alone. Here’s a link to who has signed up to exhibit already:

“This was our first time to attend the GBM. I felt that having a booth gave our company a strong reputation for our overseas offices in China and Vietnam. I would highly recommend other BC companies to participate.”Pacific Forestry

Meet the local industry stars in a short video from last year’s event:

Pre-qualified Buyers will come from the US, Australia, Western Europe, China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Taiwan and some newer markets like Malaysia.

GBM Program Schedule

Thursday – September 10

  • BC Wood AGM; CSSB meetings; Wood First Seminars; Exhibitor set-up
  • Evening Welcome Reception at the spectacular Roundhouse Lodge at the Peak of Whistler Mountain for all participants

Friday – September 11

  • Breakfast with Opening Ceremony and Morning Networking/Tradeshow/Meetings
  • Afternoon Sponsored Golf Tournament; Architects (Wood First) in-booth presentations; or Whistler free time
  • Evening Networking Dinner/Reception

Saturday – September 12

  • Breakfast and Morning Networking/Tradeshow/Meetings
  • Exhibitor teardown

Exhibitor Fees

BC Wood, WRCLA, CSSB or other BC Based Wood Products Association Member

10 x 10 booth space – $ 2,279

Outside BC Canadian Wood Products Association Member

10 x 10 booth space – $ 2,849


10 x 10 booth space – $ 3,329

Each additional company participant $425 / Spousal Program $100 for each Evening event

Exhibit Registration Includes:

  • 2 full participants per booth space
  • Basic electrical, pipe & drape, covered table & 2 chairs, carpet & Wi-Fi
  • All meals during the event including the Thursday night Welcome Event at the Roundhouse Lodge & Friday evening Networking Dinner Event
  • Full access to Thursday Association Programs
  • Complete multi-lingual company listing in the Mission Program Guide

Exhibit space is now VERY limited and will be available on a first-come / first-served basis. If you haven’t already registered, contact us for your online registration link at or call Randi at 604-882-7100.

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Specifier’s Program Update

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While we still work on the Specifiers Program, our major focus is now preparing for the GBM and the Wood First Forum (the specifiers educational portion of the GBM) and all that entails.


The initial invitations have been sent to specifiers in BC, Alberta, and the US Pacific Northwest to join us at the GBM. Once the Wood First Forum portion of the GBM agenda has been completed, we will then send follow up notices and follow that up with a couple of reminders.

Our next project is working with the exhibitors who are participating in the mini-seminar sessions on Friday afternoon at the GBM. Once that is all in place, we will send all of the information off to the various architect associations (in BC, Alberta, and US) for their approval so we can formally announce how many credits we will be able to offer. We expect to once again be able to offer 8 – 9 credits. This is about half of what architects require for the entire year so it definitely provides them with quite an incentive to attend.


We are currently in the “summer doldrums” for the program; however, we still have demands for lunch & learn sessions and over the past month have held a couple and continue to book sessions for the summer and of course into the Fall when the big push for lunch & learn sessions kick back into high gear.


We did something quite unique for the program last month in that we had a seminar and factory tour at Western Reclaimed Timber (WRT) for just one architectural firm. Normally, when we do this, we extend an invitation to a number of specifiers; howver, in this case, the member just wanted to invite the one firm for a more “intimate” tour and asked if BC Wood could provide learning credits. We then made the appropriate arrangements and sure enough, the architects that came for the one company tour were able to receive the appropriate credit. Now that the approval has been granted, we can hold more tours at WRT and whether just one firm attends or fifty attend, the architects will be able to receive educational credits. This is just another example of the flexibility of this program.

As always, should you wish additional information on any of the foregoing, or require information on the Specifiers Program, please contact me at or call me at the office. I would be pleased to discuss it with you.

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Are you wasting money at trade shows? 5 ways to get more out of your booth

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Trade shows are a large investment, but if you follow these five rules, you’ll generate more leads, more business, and more brand awareness.
1. Keep your booth simple and freshOutdated graphics make your company look like you’re falling behind the times. To make a great first impression you need a graphic and headline that gets people to stop. That’s it. That’s your booth’s only job. The rest of the work needs to be done by your booth staff. To maximize impact:

  • Create a strong headline (your logo is not a headline)
  • Less is more-cramming tons of info on your backdrop will result in no one reading any of it
  • Engage people passing by with screens or tablets showing video or a gallery of images
  • Brand and make use of all signage space such as podium wraps and roll-up banners that can be placed near the aisle
  • Actual products and samples are a great addition providing they don’t block people from coming into your booth, pick the best of the best if you have a small booth so you don’t overcrowd your booth

2. Prepare your team

The only thing worse than a booth with nobody to talk to, is a booth where the people are sitting behind a table. Keep your booth layout open and inviting. If there are chairs, they should be high chairs with a small bar table. Here are some more tips for prepping your booth staff.

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Nikkei Architectural and Construction Materials Show 2015

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The last activity we hold for members each year in Japan is the Nikkei Architectural and Construction Materials Show at Tokyo Big Sight in early March. This year’s show was held from March 3 through 6 and we once again had a strong group of members and Canada Wood partners in the BC Wood organized Canadian pavilion. The products showcased ranged from structural lumber and engineered wood to finishing materials, furniture, and log home packages. We maintained our WRC inspired central reception display, which featured traditional Japanese wood connection, art created by the famous Japanese designer Hiroyuki Takamura. This space always draws in show visitors both with its visual as well as aromatic appeal.

The power of the Nikkei Newspaper brand and organization always ensures that this will be a well-attended show. This year saw a 2% increase in visitors for a total of 210,610 over the four days. It is important to note that this show is for industry professionals only so the attendance is not inflated by consumers. The show is very popular with architects and designers and in particular those involved with commercial and retail space design. We were not only happy to see the increase in attendance, but also the improvement in the mood of the attendees. At last year’s show, the impending tax increase was on everyone’s minds, but this year people were looking forward to renewed growth as the immediate effects of the tax increase have receded.

For the 2014 GBM, we worked very closely with Japan’s CLT Association to put on the Wood First tour. Based on the success of that collaboration, we once again partnered with them to put on a CLT seminar at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo on the first night of the Nikkei Show. The speakers included a Japanese engineer who explained to the audience the buildings we had visited on the GBM 2014 tour as well as Colin Chornohus of Structurlam Products who talked about the newly built Wood Innovation and Design Centre in Prince George. Colin’s presentation was highly anticipated by the audience of 170 architects, engineers, general contractors, and importers. While we and our Canadian partners were extremely pleased with this very large turnout of key influencers in the Japanese large-scale wood building market, the Japan CLT Association was ecstatic with this tremendous profile that we were able to give to the emerging CLT market. It is clear that due to seismic and fire concerns, CLT is the future of large-scale wood buildings in Japan and through such collaborative efforts BC Wood is helping to move this forward.

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Opportunities in the Hawaii Market

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A few comments, suggestions, and ideas that may be of interest to the industry…

Hawaii is known for beautiful weather, amazing sunsets and once again, a red hot real estate market. After years of a tepid construction activity, the Hawaii market is booming. Luxury residential and light commercial construction activity is up over 20% from last year and is showing significant growth potential over the next few years.

To take advantage of this hot market, BC Wood and member companies participated in the Building Industry Association of Hawaii (BIA Hawaii) trade show and market mission. This annual trade event saw a surge in attendance which is reflective of the growth in construction being experienced State wide. Members from the remanufactured, prebuilt, and timber frame housing sector participated at the three day tradeshow and the following four day market mission, where we met with architects, builders, and distributors on the islands of Oahu, the Big Island of Hawaii, and Maui.

IMG_0679Members had the opportunity to meet with key buyers and decision makers and tour numerous luxury residential and commercial construction projects. The highlight of the mission was the group touring the Kohaniki resort project where BC Wood members including Daizan Joinery, Norelco Cabinets, ECP Meeker, and Anbrook Industries have all been chosen as suppliers on this world class resort project. Sales from BC member companies on this project are currently estimated at $2.6 million and are expected to grow significantly, as the project is currently at the timber framing stage. In fact, the State is experiencing a boom in construction activity as numerous projects that were stalled during the downturn are now being restarted. These projects include the Mauni Lani, and Hokulia development on the Big Island of Hawaii, and the Makena Beach project on the island of Maui.

Members had the opportunity to meet with builders and developers from these and other projects and got to experience firsthand the quality of the materials and finishes expected. The opportunity for BC’s wood industry to develop further sales into this high-end market is exceptional as all construction products whether structural or appearance needs to be shipped into the State. This helps create a level playing field for both US and Canadian manufacturers looking to develop market share in the State of Hawaii.

As always, for more information on this market or any other market in the US, please feel free to contact me at

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DelhiWood Show Report

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DelhiWood is India’s largest international trade fair featuring all things wood from machinery to finished wood products. From February 4 to 7, BC Wood was joined by 7 major companies from BC’s wood industry to promote the use of BC wood species in India’s growing joinery (millwork and furniture) industry.

The BC Wood “Pavilion” was part of a larger Canadian pavilion that also included FII whose exhibit area was just adjacent to BC Wood’s and featured many finished products using BC species. Each BC company in the BC Wood pavilion had their own stand and monitors showing ongoing videos and slides of their respective companies and products. Attendance was apparently a little less than the previous year which was attributed to the show’s location, approximately an hour from Delhi. Having stated that, all participants seemed satisfied with the activity and the leads that were generated.


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Specifier’s Program Update

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In mid-January, I remember saying that the next 10 weeks through to the end of March would be a very busy time for the Specifiers Program. It has actually been all that and perhaps a little more.

In mid-February, we took 5 companies into the Pacific Northwest and held group seminars in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland; the following week we worked the Buildex show; and now we are preparing for our Alberta architect tour in a couple of weeks’ time with companies from industry. All the while, we are continuing with lunch & learn seminars. There really aren’t very many “office days” to get caught up lately. All this is testament to the success of the program and those who are participating in it.

US Specifier Workshops

BC Wood, joined by 5 companies from industry, gave presentations to groups of architects and designers in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland. Each company’s representative gave a 30 minute educational presentation on their respective products or programs. Judging from survey results and comments from the attendees, the program was very well received. My take on the program is that there were two benefits of participating: one being the opportunity of meeting specifiers in these 3 key cities in the Pacific Northwest; and the other being the opportunity of spending considerable time with representatives from 4 other companies, (all of which were non-competing) and learning about their products and services. One never knows, but this could be useful information for future projects. All in all, we had a great group and it was very gratifying to see everyone get along so well.

Buildex Vancouver

BC Wood was once again joined by several companies to form the “BC Wood Pavilion” at Buildex. Although we don’t have the latest attendance numbers, the show historically draws 12,000 – 13,000 professionals and attendance appeared similar to other years. While booth activity at this two day show was at times sporadic for our exhibitors, they all came away with several good leads, made new contacts, or simply renewed relationships. As a result, they felt it was a good show for their company or association.

Alberta Specifiers Workshops

Everything is in place, invitations have been sent and registrations are coming in for this 3 day BC Wood “road show”, where 5 BC companies will be giving seminars to groups of architects, designers, and contractors in Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge, March 24th, 25th, and 26th respectively.

Lunch & Learns

As usual, while all the other activities are taking place, we continue to deliver lunch and learn sessions. This month, we have six lunch and learn sessions and two group seminars booked over and above the Alberta program.

This is just a heads up that we are nearing the end of our current fiscal year (March 31) which signals the end of the current Specifiers Program. This means that shortly we will be offering participation in the 2015 – 2016 program. If you have not participated in the past years but are interested in exposing your products to architects, designers, or contractors, April 1st would be a good time to sign up as you can take advantage of a full year of activity.

Should you wish additional information on any of the foregoing, please contact me at  or call me at the office. I would be pleased to discuss it with you

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Edmonton Cottage Life and Cabin show, April 24-26th, 2015

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Over the next couple of months, BC Wood will be coordinating the participation of its’ members at the Edmonton Cottage Life and Cabin show, April 24-26th, 2015. After many successful years of running the Cottage Life shows in Ontario, the show organizers brought their winning formula West and launched the Edmonton show last year. Eight BC Wood members participated for the first time in last year’s show and by all accounts it was was very successful, attracting over 8,000 current and would-be cottage owners all over Western Canada.

The Edmonton show will feature builders of log, timber frame, and prefabricated 2×4 homes. While these products and services are the highlight of the show, there is an opportunity for other manufacturers to promote finished building materials such as flooring, roofing, kitchens, doors, windows, and exterior finishing materials. The audience is drawn to the show to see a complete range of products; from log and timber frame shells to the materials that are need to finish them.

Space is still available for BC Wood members wanting to participate in the Edmonton Cottage Life and Cabin Show, but, time is running out. I would encourage any companies interested in more information to contact me at or in BC Wood’s offices at 604-882-7100.

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11 Ways to Build Your Brand at Trade Shows

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Skyline Tradeshow Tips –  March 4, 2015

Once you know what your goals are for building awareness at your upcoming trade shows, how do you do it?  Here are 11 ways to help build your brand into an industry powerhouse:

1. Get a bigger exhibit:  There’s a reason everyone wants to see the Grand Canyon: it’s really big! Similarly, one of the key factors in which exhibits attendees remember most is booth size.  So get a bigger booth space, and then fill it with a bigger, taller exhibit that demands attention and fills their senses.  A caveat: if the key audiences you want to meet can’t be found at one single show, you may do better to go with smaller booths at various regional or vertical market industry shows.

2. Create graphic impact: Ensure attendees don’t ignore your exhibit by using bright, bold colors, big images such as photos and illustrations, and easy to read messages.  The fewer elements you put on your exhibit, the larger you can make them, and the more impact they will create.  Large, taller exhibits can have branding at 2 to 3 heights for as visitors approach from far away, just down the aisle, and in the booth.

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Tradeshow Events for 2015-16

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BC Wood just recently received confirmation that the majority of the funding for our 2015-2016 trade show activities has been approved. We began this year’s proposal writing with some concerns over just how much our members would want to take on in the coming year. Our early December sector meetings with member companies provided some good input on how much companies wanted to do this year and where they wanted BC Wood to focus its’ efforts.

BC Wood took this input and put together a comprehensive package of market development activities. The BC based tradeshows are yet to be officially approved, but, it is expected that they will be shortly. The balance of the proposed activities focus on expanding market share in the United States, while maintaining the hard won presence we have gained in the Asian markets. Recognizing the on-going need to explore new and emerging markets, BC Wood has also scheduled a mission and participation in a trade show in Mexico in October 2015. The Global Buyers Mission, our 12th, will be a highlight, with over 250 buyers coming to Whistler in early September.

I would like to recognize and thank the staff of BC Wood for the extra effort they put towards writing these funding proposals. The result was that BC Wood has another strong program of approved trade event activities for 2015-2016.

For those of you wanting to see the updated list of trade show activities, please visit the BC Wood website at and select Trade Events from the Programs & Services tab. Any comments or questions regarding these planned activities can be directed to me or by calling our office at 604-882-7100.

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