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A few comments, suggestions, and ideas….
The dog days of summer are already upon us and I’m certain that many are enjoying their summer vacation. For those of you in Vancouver next week, you should consider stopping by and visiting us at the Circle of Trade Event which is part of the Assembly of First Nations annual convention.
The show takes place July 24-26 underneath the sails of the Vancouver Trade and Convention Center. BC Wood and member companies will be exhibiting as part of the branded Wood Products Pavilion at the Circle of Trade event.
This event is important really for two reasons; the primary reason is that First Nations communities across Canada will be at this event and come by our pavilion to discuss housing, infrastructure and recreational needs for their communities. This is an excellent opportunity for manufacturers of prebuilt housing and finished products to develop a foothold into the growing market.
Secondly, First Nations are playing a larger role into the management of forestry programs on their communities.  Many have tenure, and as the wood pile continues to tighten, partnerships with communities here in B.C. and across the country will continue to grow in importance.
So, if you’re in Vancouver and want to stop by the event for a look, please send me a text or email and I will help organize a pass into the Circle of Trade event. As always you can reach me dfarley@bcwood.com. Enjoy the rest of the summer!
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