Business Innovation Partnership

The Business Innovation Partnership is a program that provides business development and expansion services to the Value Added wood products industry in British Columbia. This program is a partnership between BC Wood and FP Innovations (Forintek) along with associate partner CAWP (Centre for Advanced Wood Processing) and will combine the expertise of all three organizations.BOUGHTON_A041_724 small


The value-added wood products industry will play an important role in the future of British Columbia’s forest sector, attracting investment, creating sustainable employment, capturing the highest value of every log, developing innovative new products and technologies, incorporating creative designs, and dominating niche domestic and global markets.


The Business Innovation Partnership will design and deliver projects and services that help the value-added wood products industry improve its entrepreneurial skills in areas identified as critical factors for success in global markets. These include, but are not limited to: strong business skills, knowledge of markets and marketing, product design and innovation, and process improvement through the adoption of new technology.

The Business Innovation Partnership will address business needs in the following value-added industry sectors: engineered wood products, millwork, log and timber frame homes, kitchen cabinets, remanufacturing, furniture, and pre-built homes.

The overall goal of the Business Innovation Partnership is to engage the value-added industry into undertaking activities that will improve their entrepreneurial skills in areas that have been identified as critical factors for success in global markets.  The Business Innovation Partnership will help BC companies implement these success factors through:  Assessments, Workshops, Sector Specific Services, and Company Specific Projects.

The new web portal will act as a single communications hub to access programs and other business development services designed to help grow the BC value-added industry.

For more information on the Business Innovation Parntership, please visit their website: