BC Wood just received confirmation that funding for our 2016-2017 trade show and mission programs has been approved. Last November, BC Wood’s staff began the process with sector meetings that were intended to gather input on Industry’s marketing priorities. BC Wood took this input and put together a comprehensive package of market development activities. The proposals that resulted were submitted in mid-December to both Federal and Provincial funders for review and eventual approval.
The BC based tradeshows are yet to be officially approved, however, it is expected that they will be shortly. The balance of the proposed activities focus on expanding market share in the United States, while maintaining the hard won presence that we have gained in the Asian markets. Recognizing the on-going need to explore new and emerging markets, BC Wood has also scheduled missions and participation in trade shows in Mexico in August, 2016 and March, 2017. The Global Buyers Mission, our 13th, will be a highlight, with over 250 buyers coming to Whistler in early September.
I would like to recognize and thank the staff of BC Wood for the extra effort they put towards writing these funding proposals. The result was that BC Wood has another strong program of approved trade event activities for 2016-2017.
For those of you wanting to see the updated list of trade show activities, please visit the BC Wood website at www.bcwood.com and select Trade Events from the Programs & Services tab. Any comments or questions regarding these planned activities can be directed to me atbhawrysh@bcwood.com or by calling our office at 604-882-7100.