Nikkei Architectural and Construction Materials Show 2015

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The last activity we hold for members each year in Japan is the Nikkei Architectural and Construction Materials Show at Tokyo Big Sight in early March. This year’s show was held from March 3 through 6 and we once again had a strong group of members and Canada Wood partners in the BC Wood organized Canadian pavilion. The products showcased ranged from structural lumber and engineered wood to finishing materials, furniture, and log home packages. We maintained our WRC inspired central reception display, which featured traditional Japanese wood connection, art created by the famous Japanese designer Hiroyuki Takamura. This space always draws in show visitors both with its visual as well as aromatic appeal.

The power of the Nikkei Newspaper brand and organization always ensures that this will be a well-attended show. This year saw a 2% increase in visitors for a total of 210,610 over the four days. It is important to note that this show is for industry professionals only so the attendance is not inflated by consumers. The show is very popular with architects and designers and in particular those involved with commercial and retail space design. We were not only happy to see the increase in attendance, but also the improvement in the mood of the attendees. At last year’s show, the impending tax increase was on everyone’s minds, but this year people were looking forward to renewed growth as the immediate effects of the tax increase have receded.

For the 2014 GBM, we worked very closely with Japan’s CLT Association to put on the Wood First tour. Based on the success of that collaboration, we once again partnered with them to put on a CLT seminar at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo on the first night of the Nikkei Show. The speakers included a Japanese engineer who explained to the audience the buildings we had visited on the GBM 2014 tour as well as Colin Chornohus of Structurlam Products who talked about the newly built Wood Innovation and Design Centre in Prince George. Colin’s presentation was highly anticipated by the audience of 170 architects, engineers, general contractors, and importers. While we and our Canadian partners were extremely pleased with this very large turnout of key influencers in the Japanese large-scale wood building market, the Japan CLT Association was ecstatic with this tremendous profile that we were able to give to the emerging CLT market. It is clear that due to seismic and fire concerns, CLT is the future of large-scale wood buildings in Japan and through such collaborative efforts BC Wood is helping to move this forward.

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Opportunities in the Hawaii Market

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A few comments, suggestions, and ideas that may be of interest to the industry…

Hawaii is known for beautiful weather, amazing sunsets and once again, a red hot real estate market. After years of a tepid construction activity, the Hawaii market is booming. Luxury residential and light commercial construction activity is up over 20% from last year and is showing significant growth potential over the next few years.

To take advantage of this hot market, BC Wood and member companies participated in the Building Industry Association of Hawaii (BIA Hawaii) trade show and market mission. This annual trade event saw a surge in attendance which is reflective of the growth in construction being experienced State wide. Members from the remanufactured, prebuilt, and timber frame housing sector participated at the three day tradeshow and the following four day market mission, where we met with architects, builders, and distributors on the islands of Oahu, the Big Island of Hawaii, and Maui.

IMG_0679Members had the opportunity to meet with key buyers and decision makers and tour numerous luxury residential and commercial construction projects. The highlight of the mission was the group touring the Kohaniki resort project where BC Wood members including Daizan Joinery, Norelco Cabinets, ECP Meeker, and Anbrook Industries have all been chosen as suppliers on this world class resort project. Sales from BC member companies on this project are currently estimated at $2.6 million and are expected to grow significantly, as the project is currently at the timber framing stage. In fact, the State is experiencing a boom in construction activity as numerous projects that were stalled during the downturn are now being restarted. These projects include the Mauni Lani, and Hokulia development on the Big Island of Hawaii, and the Makena Beach project on the island of Maui.

Members had the opportunity to meet with builders and developers from these and other projects and got to experience firsthand the quality of the materials and finishes expected. The opportunity for BC’s wood industry to develop further sales into this high-end market is exceptional as all construction products whether structural or appearance needs to be shipped into the State. This helps create a level playing field for both US and Canadian manufacturers looking to develop market share in the State of Hawaii.

As always, for more information on this market or any other market in the US, please feel free to contact me at

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DelhiWood Show Report

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DelhiWood is India’s largest international trade fair featuring all things wood from machinery to finished wood products. From February 4 to 7, BC Wood was joined by 7 major companies from BC’s wood industry to promote the use of BC wood species in India’s growing joinery (millwork and furniture) industry.

The BC Wood “Pavilion” was part of a larger Canadian pavilion that also included FII whose exhibit area was just adjacent to BC Wood’s and featured many finished products using BC species. Each BC company in the BC Wood pavilion had their own stand and monitors showing ongoing videos and slides of their respective companies and products. Attendance was apparently a little less than the previous year which was attributed to the show’s location, approximately an hour from Delhi. Having stated that, all participants seemed satisfied with the activity and the leads that were generated.


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Edmonton Cottage Life and Cabin show, April 24-26th, 2015

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Over the next couple of months, BC Wood will be coordinating the participation of its’ members at the Edmonton Cottage Life and Cabin show, April 24-26th, 2015. After many successful years of running the Cottage Life shows in Ontario, the show organizers brought their winning formula West and launched the Edmonton show last year. Eight BC Wood members participated for the first time in last year’s show and by all accounts it was was very successful, attracting over 8,000 current and would-be cottage owners all over Western Canada.

The Edmonton show will feature builders of log, timber frame, and prefabricated 2×4 homes. While these products and services are the highlight of the show, there is an opportunity for other manufacturers to promote finished building materials such as flooring, roofing, kitchens, doors, windows, and exterior finishing materials. The audience is drawn to the show to see a complete range of products; from log and timber frame shells to the materials that are need to finish them.

Space is still available for BC Wood members wanting to participate in the Edmonton Cottage Life and Cabin Show, but, time is running out. I would encourage any companies interested in more information to contact me at or in BC Wood’s offices at 604-882-7100.

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Spotlight: Metrie

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Metrie’s story began in 1926 as a small, family-owned and operated business. Formally known as Moulding and Millwork, their name was changed to Metrie in February of 2014 as part of a strategic decision to heighten the company’s focus on providing inspiration and support to homeowners and professional designers who use interior trim (such as crown mouldings, casings, baseboards, doors, and other decorative elements) to add style and beauty to any room. Their innovative design and commitment to fine craftsmanship have helped them expand operations to include seven solid wood and MDF manufacturing facilities, plus 26 distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada. Their legacy has grown to include more than 5,000 moulding profiles and products manufactured in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

The launch of the new company name coincided with the debut of five all-encompassing design collections of coordinated interior trim and doors.

“Our new Collections present a completely new way of thinking about, shopping for, and selecting interior finishings,” says Greg Stoner, CEO of Metrie. “Until now, consumers were required to wade through bins of moulding, and racks of doors, to find the right products for their home. Selecting the right dimensions of moulding that fit together and in designs that work with and enhance your current decorating style, is next to impossible. Metrie has taken the guesswork out of the process by introducing our new, professionally designed Collections.”

The Metrie Then & Now Finishing Collections™ are each inspired by different architectural styles. The Collections blend elements of modern and classic, so it’s easy to find something that will work with virtually any decorating style. They are:

  • Metrie French Curves™ Collection
  • Metrie True Craft™ Collection
  • Metrie Very Square™ Collection
  • Metrie Fashion Forward™ Collection
  • Metrie Pretty Simple™ Collection


Each Collection offers a pre-selection of all the moulding elements needed in a home, including crowns, casings, baseboards, chair rails, panel moulds, architraves, and Ikons as well as a range of solid, premium interior doors. The moulding profiles within a Collection are available in groupings called Scenes that vary in material, size, and design detail to allow flexibility in using the Collection. All profiles within a single Scene are sized to meet with the right proportions and fit and coordinate with the interior doors in the Collection to achieve an aesthetic flow throughout the home and a result worthy of professional design standards.

“The selection process is simple,” says Jan Rutgers, Director, Architect/Designer Marketing at Metrie. “First you select your preferred Collection style; then you choose the Scene that works within your budget and room proportions; the next choice is to select from solid or glass doors especially designed for that Collection’s décor style. Painting or staining is left for you to decide, but we provide a wealth of inspiration and ideas through our website and social media platforms.”

Metrie’s online presence at  features inspiration for consumers as well as tools to support pros and the designer community, including CEU courses, a Room Styler™ design tool, and how-to videos. A comprehensive social and digital program is also in place, including a new design trends blog,  The Finished Space™, for the latest styles in interior finishings and weekend project ideas. Offline, merchandising displays in distributor showrooms across North America showcase the Finishing Collection doors, mouldings, and trim elements together, making coordination and selection easy for the contractor, designer, and end consumer.

“This is an exciting time for us, as well as our customers and partners,” says Mr. Stoner. “Our focus is on building upon the rich history and more than 80-year legacy of our company, ensuring that we continue to exceed expectations for quality and consistency of our products and service, while embarking on new directions in product design and innovation to meet the needs of today’s home fashion enthusiast.”



MET Logo_Horizontal-C


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Specifier’s Program Update

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In mid-January, I remember saying that the next 10 weeks through to the end of March would be a very busy time for the Specifiers Program. It has actually been all that and perhaps a little more.

In mid-February, we took 5 companies into the Pacific Northwest and held group seminars in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland; the following week we worked the Buildex show; and now we are preparing for our Alberta architect tour in a couple of weeks’ time with companies from industry. All the while, we are continuing with lunch & learn seminars. There really aren’t very many “office days” to get caught up lately. All this is testament to the success of the program and those who are participating in it.

US Specifier Workshops

BC Wood, joined by 5 companies from industry, gave presentations to groups of architects and designers in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland. Each company’s representative gave a 30 minute educational presentation on their respective products or programs. Judging from survey results and comments from the attendees, the program was very well received. My take on the program is that there were two benefits of participating: one being the opportunity of meeting specifiers in these 3 key cities in the Pacific Northwest; and the other being the opportunity of spending considerable time with representatives from 4 other companies, (all of which were non-competing) and learning about their products and services. One never knows, but this could be useful information for future projects. All in all, we had a great group and it was very gratifying to see everyone get along so well.

Buildex Vancouver

BC Wood was once again joined by several companies to form the “BC Wood Pavilion” at Buildex. Although we don’t have the latest attendance numbers, the show historically draws 12,000 – 13,000 professionals and attendance appeared similar to other years. While booth activity at this two day show was at times sporadic for our exhibitors, they all came away with several good leads, made new contacts, or simply renewed relationships. As a result, they felt it was a good show for their company or association.

Alberta Specifiers Workshops

Everything is in place, invitations have been sent and registrations are coming in for this 3 day BC Wood “road show”, where 5 BC companies will be giving seminars to groups of architects, designers, and contractors in Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge, March 24th, 25th, and 26th respectively.

Lunch & Learns

As usual, while all the other activities are taking place, we continue to deliver lunch and learn sessions. This month, we have six lunch and learn sessions and two group seminars booked over and above the Alberta program.

This is just a heads up that we are nearing the end of our current fiscal year (March 31) which signals the end of the current Specifiers Program. This means that shortly we will be offering participation in the 2015 – 2016 program. If you have not participated in the past years but are interested in exposing your products to architects, designers, or contractors, April 1st would be a good time to sign up as you can take advantage of a full year of activity.

Should you wish additional information on any of the foregoing, please contact me at  or call me at the office. I would be pleased to discuss it with you

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11 Ways to Build Your Brand at Trade Shows

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Once you know what your goals are for building awareness at your upcoming trade shows, how do you do it?  Here are 11 ways to help build your brand into an industry powerhouse:

1. Get a bigger exhibit:  There’s a reason everyone wants to see the Grand Canyon: it’s really big! Similarly, one of the key factors in which exhibits attendees remember most is booth size.  So get a bigger booth space, and then fill it with a bigger, taller exhibit that demands attention and fills their senses.  A caveat: if the key audiences you want to meet can’t be found at one single show, you may do better to go with smaller booths at various regional or vertical market industry shows.

2. Create graphic impact: Ensure attendees don’t ignore your exhibit by using bright, bold colors, big images such as photos and illustrations, and easy to read messages.  The fewer elements you put on your exhibit, the larger you can make them, and the more impact they will create.  Large, taller exhibits can have branding at 2 to 3 heights for as visitors approach from far away, just down the aisle, and in the booth.

3. Design for 3 dimensions: Create impact and messaging for all public-facing sides of your booth, especially for island exhibits that can be viewed from 4 sides.  Consider making your biggest brand impact on the exhibit side that faces the aisle that will get the most traffic.  Some of the most memorable exhibits use shape that conveys the brand personality, even the company logo in 3 dimensions.

Click here to read the entire article

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Wood in Midrise Buildings & Health Care

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Wood in Midrise Buildings

In cities across North America, the low-density sprawl that has characterized development since the mid-20th century is giving way to a growing landscape of mid-rise buildings; five- to six-storey structures that are more environmentally sustainable and cost effective because of their increased density – while still blending with existing neighbourhoods and helping to create livable communities that accommodate growing urban populations.

There is a boom in mid-rise wood-frame construction across the province. Today in B.C. there are over 153 midrise projects in various stages of development – from project planning through to design, permitting and completed construction.

Recently published by Forestry Innovation Investment, this case study explores the expansion and popularity of mid-rise wood-frame residential design across the province of British Columbia.

Click here to view the Mid-Rise Wood-Frame Residential Construction in B.C. case study.



Wood in Healthcare

Commissioned by Forestry Innovation Investment, FPInnovations has released a report that draws the link between the use of wood in the built environment and pro health outcomes. While the study of wood and health is relatively new in the field of environmental psychology, a clear relationship between the presence of other natural elements has been established in built environments.

Early evidence suggests that the human relationship with wood is similar to previously investigated responses of our species to other natural materials and nature cues. That is, wood is a biophilic material that reduces stress reactivity when present.

Click here to view the full report: Wood as a Restorative Material in Healthcare Environments.

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2015 Wood Design Awards in BC honour the best in architectural and structural design

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Innovative architectural and structural design in large wood buildings headlined the 2015 Wood Design Awards in early March. The 11th annual event, organized and hosted by WoodWORKS! BC and sponsored by COFI, honoured excellence in wood building and design, and recognized leadership and innovation in wood use.

“Wood products and systems have become the material of choice in mid-rise residential as well as for the institutional, commercial and industrial sectors,” said WoodWORKS! BC executive director Lynn Embury-Williams. “Here in BC, designers and builders are leading the way by using wood because it is cost-effective, is renewable, has a smaller carbon footprint, and because it creates beautiful and comfortable spaces where people love to live and work.”

Download the news release PDF .

For more information about the awards and award winners:

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Moulder Audit – New from FPInnovations!

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One-day Moulder Audits are now available to BC manufacturers at no cost!

If you’re experiencing issues with your level of finish quality, throughput, changeover times, and general safe work practices, a Moulder Audit could be a good initiative for your organization.

What will the Audit tell you?

The results of the Audit will provide an indication on the operational level of your moulder and it can be the foundation for increasing your profitability on this machine center. The Audit will summarize ways to:

  • Improve your level of manufacturing quality.
  • Reduce rework and scrap.
  • Catch quality issues before they reach your customers.
  • Help to improve machine productivity
  • Set up best practices in you grinding room.

What’s Included?

Our trained personnel will perform a one day Moulder Audit at your plant and provide a summary report to you. The audit involves an evaluation of the mechanical condition of your moulder, best practices on grinding room setup, as well as tips on material handling and flow.

How do I book an Audit?

FPInnovations is working directly with Jim Strathern from J.S. Moulder Technology to provide this one time offer.

Spots are limited – contact Jim Strathern at now to set up a time for your Moulder Audit, or Roland Baumeister at FPInnovations –

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Continuous Improvement Workshop

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Now more than ever, organizations need to be continuously improving to be competitive in their market. This one day workshop will provide you with the tools you need to establish gains in Productivity, Quality, Cost, Safety, and Morale.

Through a “Learn by Doing” approach, participants will conduct a practice exercise and make improvements with Continuous Improvement principles of Spaghetti diagram, 6S, and Value Stream Mapping.

Date & Time: March 27, 2015, 8:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Holiday Inn Express & Suites – 8750 204 St, Langley, BC

To register, please click on the following link: www.eply.com_CI_Workshop_2015  

For more information, please contact:
Brian Ehrecke at 250-462-4000,

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Wide Belt Sanding: Best Practices Workshop

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Wide Belt Sanding: Best Practices Workshop

If you have a wide-belt sander and want to reduce your operating costs and increase your sanding quality – then this seminar is for you!

Items that will be covered in this Workshop

* Machine operation and abrasives selection
* Scratch and how it relates to finishing
* Standardized Work / Job Instruction
* Trouble shooting and Testing your machine
* Q&A Session

Start Time and Agenda:

* Theory – 8:30am – 11:30am
* Lunch – 11:30am – noon
* Hands on Session – noon – 2:00pm
Lunch will be provided

Choose from Two Locations:

Surrey, BC
March 19, 2015 – 8:30am – 2:00pm
Merit Kitchens – 12158 86 Ave, Surrey

Kelowna, BC
March 25, 2015 – 8:30am – 2:00pm
Cucina Cabinetry – 2-677 Willow Park Rd., Kelowna

Registration fee is only $25.00 (+GST) per person. To register, click the following link:

For more information, please contact:
Brian Ehrecke at 250-462-4000,

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Marketing, Branding, and Communications Workshop in Victoria, March 31st

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What is marketing and why should you care? Business leaders who effectively communicate and correctly position their company with their target audiences have the competitive edge.

This hands-on workshop will be presented in three parts:

  1. Introduction to Marketing
  2. How to effectively brand your company
  3. Choosing the right communication tools for your business

First, you will learn about the basic marketing principles and how to apply them to your products or services.

Then, through a series of self-directed exercises, you will learn how to define and articulate your company’s attributes to create meaningful messaging with your target audiences.

Finally, we will review a range of communication tools and techniques and discuss how to best use them to engage new and existing customers.

This was a very popular and well received Workshop in the lower mainland this past Fall.

Date: Tuesday, March 31st, 2015
Location: Westin Bear Mountain Resort, Victoria, BC

This is a full day program which includes a light breakfast and full lunch and for those traveling to participate, we have negotiated an excellent rate with the hotel for room stays.
For more information or to register, click here or contact Rumin Mann at or 604-882-7100.

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Register Now for the Exporting to USA Part II Seminar on March 26 in Langley!

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This is Part II to our Exporting to the USA seminar series.  In this all new seminar, you will find out about current opportunities for BC value-added wood manufacturers; the best methods for actually shipping your product into the US; and how to minimize your risk factors. All really good information for new to the market exporters!

In a new approach, we will also have an open discussion with BC manufacturers currently shipping product into the market, highlighting some of BC Wood’s “cluster” marketing projects as well as traditional market development programs.  We will conclude the program with a delicious networking lunch.

Date & Time: Thursday, March 26, 2015, 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Location: Langley, BC

For more details and to register, contact Rumin at or 604-882-7100

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Specifier’s Program Update

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This may sound like a broken record, but activity around the Specifiers Program has been very hectic lately as lunch and learn sessions continue to be booked and implemented, the US Specifier Workshops have been finalized, and the invitations for our upcoming Alberta Specifier are being finalized.

US Specifiers Workshop:

Next week, BC Wood will be joined by 5 companies from industry who will be providing AIA approved educational seminars on their respective products and services to architects in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland. To date, 110 architects and designers have registered for these series of seminars with half of them signing up for the Seattle session. The Canadian Consulate has been of great assistance to BC Wood in organizing this event.

Alberta Specifiers Workshops:

We have finalized participants (five in all) and have just received approval from the Alberta Association of Architects for the seminars allowing us to provide Alberta architects and designers learning credits for attending our sessions. We have scheduled these workshops for late March to provide a little separation between the US and Alberta workshops for those companies who are participating in both – not to mention we are hoping for the weather to improve. Venues in Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge are in the process of being finalized. Once finalized, we will send out the invitations; all of which we are hoping to complete in the next day or two. Last year, we had 80 – 90 architects and designers attend and are targeting a similar number this year.

Lunch & Learns:

While all the other activities are taking place, the mainstay of the Specifier Program, lunch and learn session, continue to roll on with 5 sessions in February alone. We are now beginning to book out into May. As has been the case for some time now, most of the sessions are focusing on just one or two companies.

As always, should you wish additional information on any of the foregoing, please contact me at  or call me at the office. I would be pleased to discuss it with you.

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Housing Brand Fair 2015

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On behalf of members, BC Wood organizes one major construction show each year in the Korean market. For this fiscal year, we chose the Housing Brand Fair at Seoul’s centrally located COEW trade and convention centre. The COEX Centre underwent extensive renovations last year, but it recently reopened and is once again drawing in large crowds. Over the four days of the show, 45,000+ people came to see the Housing Brand Fair.

The Housing Brand Fair attracts a large cross-section of the construction industry including companies involved in new wood framed construction, condominium developments, as well as renovations. Therefore, the show is a great venue for a wide range of BC Wood members, from lumber to house packages to finishing materials. Being held in Seoul’s main business district also ensures that key decision makers from these companies can easily visit. Our in-market representative, JC Lee, makes the most of this convenient location by setting up extensive meetings for participating members. This type of pre-show assistance is key to having a successful show as it ensures that members know that they will be able to meet the key targets for their products.

JC also organized a seminar at the show targeting the wood housing industry. Korea has a sizable 2×4 home market with over 10,000 annual detached home starts. Most of these homes are North American in design so they are a key target for BC Wood members. Over 100 industry representatives took part and listened to our members’ presentations at this year’s seminar.

BC Wood will be looking to go back to Housing Brand Fair again in early 2016. Please contact JC Lee ( or me ( for more information on the opportunities in the Korean market.

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IBS 2015 Show Report

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A few comments, suggestions, and ideas that may be of interest to the industry…

If anyone needed convincing that the US economy is firing on all cylinders, one need look no further than the city of Las Vegas and the annual International Builders Show (IBS 15). The event, which took place January 21 -23, was jammed pack with nearly 125,000 participants, including buyers and suppliers in the residential and light commercial construction sector from across North America, Asia, and Europe. Many buyers that came by the coordinated BC Wood products pavilion commented on how busy the show was and many long term attendees suggesting that attendance was reaching the numbers “pre recession hey days” of 2003-2005.

Part of the reason for the significant jump in attendance was the concerted effort of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) to combine a number of residential construction related trade events into one week. The NAHB brought the International Builders Show, the Kitchen and Bath Show, and the Surfaces Flooring Show all to Las Vegas and created the newly titled Design and Construction Week. With that, builders, architects, designers, specifiers, and other buyers had the ability to meet with suppliers from across the residential and light commercial sector all at one time in a single city. That made for a busy week with buyers shuttling on buses across the city between the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Mandalay Bay Hotel where Surfaces was being held. Add in Shot, The Gun and Sharp shooters show (this could only happen in Vegas!) and the city was packed with over 155,000 folks attending one or all of these trade events.

So with excellent attendance, a strong housing market, and general optimism being felt across the US residential construction sector, the IBS Builders Show was a success. BC Wood members were upbeat that the leads and contacts generated from the show will turn into solid sales opportunities. Jeff Herlocker, US sales Director for Linwood Homes put it best, “we were busy from the moment the show opened to when it closed. Now we just have to make sense of all the leads that we have and the best way to capture the potential.”

In the next issue of the Wood Connections, we will review some of the trends that we spotted at this year’s IBS and review the massive construction activity currently taking place across the state of Hawaii. As always for more information on the Builders Show or on the US market, please feel free to contact me at

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BC Wood and Members attend BAU 2015 in Munich

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In January, BC Wood participated with four member companies in the BAU fair in Munich. In a similar report, two years ago, I mentioned that I thought the BAU fair was probably the best show I have attended in recent years. For the record, the 2015 version of the BAU fair was even better than it was two years ago. Many other shows claim large attendance numbers; however, these numbers are often inflated based on the practice of allowing the general public access to the show. The BAU fair is a strictly trade-only event; 96% of the attendee are from construction related businesses, and this year, the BAU fair attracted over 255,000 visitors to the six day show, 20,000 more than two years ago.

The BAU fair has a strong international draw with over 75,000 of the attendees coming from countries outside Germany. This year saw strong contingents from Turkey, Poland, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, and other Middle Eastern countries. The BAU fair also lived up to its reputation as the “architects fair” with close to 65,000 attendees coming from architectural, planning, and design offices.

The size of the BAU fair is staggering with the 200,000 square meters of occupied exhibition space spread over 16 different exhibition halls that showcased the construction products and services of over 2100 exhibitors. In total, 47 different countries were represented in the exhibition halls. The halls were arranged by product categories: steel, concrete, plumber, electrical, and wood products etc. BC Wood was located in the “wood building systems” hall along with another 75-80 exhibitors. This arrangement worked well as it tended to concentrate the buyers with an interest in wood into two halls, ours and the one next door which featured wood doors, windows, and flooring systems. In the exit surveys of exhibitors, 97% rated the show as “good to excellent”.

BC Wood was very well received at the show. In fact, I would say that we really punch above our weight class at this event. We were often far busier than our German and Austrian neighbours who had far larger and more elaborate displays than our own. I am not sure whether it was the Canadian connection with the maple leaf prominently on our display or the life style images of log and timber frame homes that pulled in the buyers, but, we were busy. People often had to wait their turn for someone in our booth to talk to them.

The fact that we were from Canada and something different from the majority of the other exhibitors accounted, I think, for the fact that we received a relatively high percentage, over half, of inquiries from outside Germany. The majority of the inquiries we received, mostly from the Eastern European markets, were for Western Red Cedar lumber, finished building materials, and log home and timber frame projects. The market for these two product categories remains strong within Western Europe, but, seems to be expanding in the new emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

So, to say that I was impressed with the BAU fair and the level of interest that BC Wood received at the fair would be an understatement. I would urge BC Wood members manufacturing log, timber frame, pre-built homes, and any Western Red Cedar products to seriously consider participating in the BAU fair when it comes around again in January of 2017. For more background and some additional observations on the BAU fair, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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Turkeybuild – Confirmation Deadline on Feb 13!

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The deadline for confirming space at the upcoming Turkeybuild show in Istanbul is fast approaching. For any company wanting to participate in the Turkeybuild show within the BC Wood pavilion, who has not done so already, please contact Brian Hawrysh at or in the office at 604-882-7100 by Friday, Feb 13th, 2015.

For a little more background on the Turkeybuild show. Turkey remains one of the strongest of these regional economies within Europe. Turkey also has a long history and affinity of building with wood, which gave way to a focus on concrete construction in the post WWII period. With their growing affluence, Turks are rediscovering their traditional preference for wood construction, particularly, in higher-end residential and recreational home construction.

For these reasons, BC Wood decided to explore opportunities for BC’s value-added sector in Turkey. Over the past three years, BC Wood and company representatives have attended the Turkeybuild show and reported that there was very strong interest shown in BC’s products and services by the local timber and building materials distributors. The products generating the most interest were higher-end solid wood building products and interior finishing materials. Turkish companies showed a great deal of interest in partnering with Canadian companies that produce innovative, higher quality wood products.

From April 21-25th, BC Wood will attend the Turkeybuild show in the country’s economic centre, Istanbul. Last year, the Istanbul show drew over 110,000 visitors, many of them from the neighboring Eastern European and Islamic countries. At Turkeybuild, exhibitors can showcase a full range of building materials and systems. High quality specialty lumber and building materials such as WRC decking, siding and roofing, log and timber frame homes, and prefabricated house packages will be of interest to the Turkish lumber importers, architects, and builders.

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Spotlight: Kalesnikoff Lumber Co

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Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. is located just outside of Castlegar in the heart of the fertile West Kootenay Wet-Belt. This beautiful region in the southeast corner of BC creates a unique slow growth environment for species including Douglas Fir, Western Larch, Lodgepole Pine, Western Hemlock, Engelmann Spruce, and Western White Pine. These excellent growing conditions enable us to produce some of the highest quality fine grained fiber in the world.

Proudly family owned and operated, Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. celebrated 75 years in business in 2014. As an independent, family owned and operated company, they think in terms of generations, not fiscal quarters.

Kalesnikoff operates a modern, multi-species mill with a capacity of 75 million fbm.

Aligned with a vertically integrated, modern manufacturing facility (Kootenay Innovative Wood), Kalesnikoff now offers over 1,000 different products in both custom and standard dimensional sizes.

A Focus on Douglas Fir

Although they pride ourselves on being a multi-species mill, they have had a strong focus on Interior Douglas Fir. Douglas Fir is highly sought-after in the lumber industry because of its superior strength-to-weight ratio, durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Douglas fir is one of the best species for heavy structural applications; it also creates beautiful finished products such as flooring, paneling and mouldings.

Their unique location enables them to produce some of the highest quality Douglas Fir timbers on the market. Their timbers yield a high percentage of Select Structural grade products thanks to their fine grain, small intergrown knot fiber. They are also one of a few mills to cut and manufacture specifically for lamstock, and their lamstock program has benefited from 25 years of perfection. Their Douglas Fir lumber is rigorously graded, and only the finest dimension lumber makes ‘lamstock’ grade.

The beautiful grain pattern and colouring in Douglas Fir make it a favorite among architects and designers for finished products. The solid wood Douglas Fir flooring and paneling manufactured at their remanufacturing facility, Kootenay Innovative Wood, brings a traditional warmth and versatility to fit any home style. For more product specific information, please visit their website at: and


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