Roy Manion

BC Wood is working with Live Edge Design in Duncan, BC on a special event scheduled for December 1st, The One Tree Exhibit. This is the second of what may become a series of One Tree events. Two years ago, our initial session featured a 100 year old Broad Leaf Maple which was salvaged from a residence on Vancouver Island. Over 40 artisans each produced a unique product from this one tree.

This year, the focus is on a single Walnut tree salvaged from another residence on Vancouver Island. Once again, different artisans are using various parts of this one tree to create and produce furniture, cabinetry, sculptures and artwork.

The OneTree Exhibit event will be held at the Robert Bateman Centre in Victoria from November 16th to January 31st.  Our special event, with interior designers and architects invited, will be held Friday, December 1st.. As with all BC Wood events for specifier community, this one has received approval for educational credits. We anticipate 40 – 50 to attend.

So should you wish additional information on any of the foregoing, please contact me at or call me at the office: (604) 882-7100.

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