Specifier Program Update

Posted by Roy Manion
August 6th, 2013

Well, as we continue to enjoy a magnificent summer, activity here at BC Wood, like the weather, continues to be hot as we prepare for the architect program at the GBM and simultaneously continue on with our activity in the Specifiers Program. Since our last Wood Connections, we have held 3 lunch & learn sessions which is quite unusual for this time of year but due to requests by both industry and architect firms, the activity continues to be quite brisk.

Architect Institute of America (AIA):

As mentioned previously, we received notice from the Architect Institute of America (AIA) that BC Wood has been approved as a Registered Provider. However, we also had to complete a minimum of 8 hours of “Prerequisite Training education”, that we have now done. We are now in the process of submitting courses to AIA that we, along with industry, are planning to present in the near future – with the GBM seminars being at the top of our list. Once approved, all AIA registered architects will be able to earn credits for attending.

Alberta Association of Architects (AAA):

We are still awaiting approval from the AAA to become a Registered Provider. We have submitted all the necessary information (and paid our fees) and are now playing the waiting game. Our most immediate benefit of being an approved Registered Provider for AAA would again be the GBM where any attending architects that are registered with the AAA can gain their Alberta Architect credits along with their AIBC and AIA credits.

Skwachays Lodge in Vancouver

We have run this article over the past 2 Wood Connections and this will be our last time. Normally, we would only run this type of article once but as it is such a great cause – and opportunity for some manufacturers – we have decided to run it once again. If you are interested in assisting First Nations in a very worthwhile endeavour and at the same time develop a relationship with six of Vancouver’s leading Interior Designers then read on.

There is a renovation that is taking place at Skwachays Lodge in Vancouver. The plan is to re-position the lodge as Canada’s only Aboriginal arts hotel. Once completed, guests can immerse themselves in First Nations culture by staying in an arts hotel, having breakfast in a find arts gallery and perhaps participating in a workshop with the artist who created his room. To accomplish this, six aboriginal artists are teaming up with six of Vancouver’s leading Interior Designer firms with each team tasked with designing and furnishing 3 rooms. For their part, the Interior Designers are donating their services and are now soliciting donations from BC’s furniture, millwork and cabinet industry in the form of a piece of furniture, a cabinet or a vanity as part of the renovation. They are not seeking large volumes from a single manufacturer but rather that multiple manufacturers become involved which is why the request for donations of just a single piece. All those who do donate will then have the opportunity of meeting and working with the various designer firms.

The first of these opportunities will be on August 8th when Skwachays Lodge will be hosting a meet and greet event. Attending will be all the Interior Designer firms along with the aboriginal artists. This will be a thank you party for all those that have donated time, money or goods and also a way to introduce them to most of the Interior Design firms that do hospitality design in Vancouver.

If you wish to become involved in this project or just require additional information, please contact Vicki Pearson of Porada Design Group atVicki@poradadesign.com myself at rmanion@bcwood.com

As always, should you want more information on any aspects of the Specifiers Program please let me know by contacting me at rmanion@bcwood.com.

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