Making Operational Documentation Work for You! – August 15, 2013, 9:30am

Posted by Rumin Mann
August 6th, 2013

Companies can achieve higher cost effectiveness by having processing standards in place. Documented standards reference the best way to perform a process and capture the knowledge that is unique to each company. When best practices are captured, a company can:

  • Increase its productivity
  • Lower rework costs and waste
  • Reduce training time
  • Create repeatability

Many quality programs require Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for certification; however the documentation process to create these SOP’s can be long and costly.  Best manufacturing practices have provided industry with a number of different formats to create operational documents for your manufacturing practices.

In the webinar, FPInnovations will present one practical documenting practice as well as share their knowledge of the key elements needed to create effective standards for your operation and help your business succeed.

Click onthe link below before August 15th, 2013 to register for this freewebinar and find out how you can benefit from this information.

This webinar is hosted by FPInnovations.

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