China Market Update – China International Exhibition on Housing Industry in Beijing

Posted by Jim Ivanoff
August 20th, 2013

Just a reminder, BC Wood is gearing up for our fall shows in Asia. From October 23rd to 25th, we will be participating in the China International Exhibition on Housing Industry in Beijing targeting the emerging market of wood framed construction. This event attracts all of the major players in China involved in importing construction lumber, developing resort properties, and building high-end wood-framed structures.

The CIEHI offers the best opportunity in China for Canadian companies looking to export: construction grade dimension lumber, engineered wood products, timberframe packages, packaged 2×4 and log structures, WRC outdoor products, as well as finishing materials. Its main exhibits include: 1) Wooden architecture: wooden houses, vacation cabins, wood gazebos & pergolas, and light wood frame & heavy timber structures, 2) Wooden structural materials, 3) Wooden structures and equipment, and 4) Other wood materials: flooring, decking, fencing, stairs, outdoor furniture, etc. landscape planning, construction, and maintenance: landscape design, golf course design and construction, green roofs, tourism development planning, etc.

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