India Market – Entry of Eastern Canadian SPF Lumber (Eastern Spruce Species approvals)

Posted by Rumin Mann
July 17th, 2013

By: Brian Zak


  • The entry of “Western Canadian SPF” into India was approved in January 2011 when the 2 Western spruce species were officially approved for entry, (Pines and True firs had already been approved)
  • At that time in 2011, the 2 Eastern Spruce species of Red and Black Spruce were NOT allowed for entry
  • Since 2011, the CFIA and CFS have been engaged providing pest risk assessment information for the India Ministry of Agriculture which have finally been approved.

Resolution for Eastern Spruce Species Entry and Eastern SPF- Effective Immediately:

  • Eastern Canadian SPF can now also enter India – as long as it is Heat Treated (HT) to CHTWPCP standards.
  • The Eastern Canadian Spruce species of Picea mariana (Black spruce) and Picea rubens (Red spruce) have now been approved as shown in the official publication (Pines and True firs previously approved)
  • Shippers of Eastern SPF will require 3 separate import permits for the collective mix species of Spruce, Pine and Fir which must be made available to CFIA at time of the Phytosanitary Inspection request.
  • Please note – Import permits are to be obtained by the customer or agent in India from their local Ministry of Agriculture Office and the correct Latin names for the Eastern SPF species in your area must be utilized as noted here:
    • For the Spruce species – utilize the correct species of Picea mariana, Picea rubens, or when applicable Picea glauca;
    • For the Pine species – utilize Pinus banksiana
    • For the Fir species – utilize Abies balsamea
  • Please note – Import permits will also need the volumes associated with each of the different species in that Spruce-Pine-Fir species mix.  It is best to obtain the % breakdown for each of the species from the forest harvesting company or the Ministry of Forests in that Province, and, apply that % to the SPF volume in that shipment for each of the import permits by their species.
  • Please note – fumigation with Methyl bromide is mentioned as an acceptable phytosanitary treatment in the India regulation, however, this procedure is not accepted as a phytosanitary alternative for operational treatment within Canada by CFIA.  (There are some exceptions – check with CFIA for guidance).
    • o   Also note that India’s Methyl bromide fumigation standard is to a temperature of 21 C for a minimum of 24 hours utilizing 48 grams/m3 of M Br.
  • Please note – the India authorities state that the lumber/timber requirement must be “wood without bark”which may be interpreted as being “bark free” or possibly being “equivalent to” the tolerance utilized in ISPM 15 bark tolerance standards. (Check with CFIA for guidance)

A special thank you to all those involved in securing the approvals for the entry of our Canadian species into India!

This will be posted on the Canada Wood Phytosanitary Guidelines Website on Monday July 15th.

Please Note – the Canada Wood Phytosanitary Guidelines Website is also available in a French Translation at time of log in.  The individual country phyto guidelines have been left in English to avoid issues with interpretations.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me,

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