How Do You Motivate Your Trade Show Booth Staff?

Posted by Rumin Mann
July 17th, 2013

Has this ever happened to you: You walk down the aisles of a trade show hall and are shocked by how many booth staffers hide behind counters, talk with colleagues, or even talk on their cell phones?

I often walk trade shows, and unfortunately, I just as often see the same uninviting situations described above.  I ask myself what their management would say and do about it. They invested a lot of money into their trade shows, but good opportunities for meeting new prospects are lost or barely taken.

If you look more closely at well-trained booth staff teams, you’ll see what the biggest difference is between a moderately rewarding trade show and a really successful one: How motivated are their booth staffers?

While good advice can be expensive, there are exceptions to the rules.  So here are a few free approaches to properly prepare your booth staff for your next show:

Collecting unqualified leads is out. Do you know what happens to most leads and business cards after a show?  That’s right:  Too many leads are quickly thrown in the trash.  Moreover, you are doing it the easy way, if you simply only collect 200 leads at the trade show.

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