How did Viceroy Homes Reduce Rework and Training Time?

Posted by Rumin Mann
July 3rd, 2013

By: Roland Baumeister

Successful companies have found that the effective training of employees goes a long way towards reducing rework.

Rework costs you money – up to 20% of sales in a manufacturing setting. Rework eats into your schedule and uses valuable resources and raw materials that do not contribute to additional sales.

How do you train your employees now? Are you seeing productivity decreases and errors increase as your experienced operators retire or leave for other reasons?

Programs such as TWI are designed to give your supervisors the proper skills, tools and confidence to capture, document and promote best practises. This improves efficiency and reduces the possibility of errors that contribute to rework. Quality at each process step also improves.

Click here or the video link below to hear about Viceroy Homes and their experience with TWI and how they reduced their training time and boosted productivity.


TWI at Work at Viceroy Homes
TWI at Work at Viceroy Homes

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