Specifier Program Update

Posted by Roy Manion
June 6th, 2013

I have 4 highlights from the Specifiers Program to discuss for this edition of Wood Connections: 

Lunch & Learn (L&L) sessions to new firms

As mentioned in my previous article, many of our L&L sessions are with firms we have already met and are returning with sessions on specific products; many initiated by industry, which is great. As also mentioned, one of our goals is to have met at least once with every major architectural and designer firm in BC by the end of our current fiscal year – that is with those who want to see us. To that end, we have held L&L sessions with 3 new firms, introducing our industry and great products.

Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) Annual Conference

This is the association’s second such conference and BC Wood used the opportunity to exhibit products from our industry and to network with VRCA members. The conference itself also included workshops for the contractors on a number of topics and a keynote speaker. As this is the VRCA’s second conference, it is still very much in the growing stage. Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile event for us as we made several new contacts and are in the process of setting up lunch & learn sessions with some of them. Thanks to all who supplied product and displays for the BC Wood exhibit.

BC Wood / Live Edge Design Event Exploring the Use of Wood in West Coast Design (Thursday, June 6th)

This event is being held at the BC Showcase at Robson Square. The response has been so overwhelming that unfortunately, we have been unable to accommodate many of those who replied to our invitation. We will have an overflow group and will report further on this event in our next Wood Connections.

BC Wood / Unison Windows Seminar and Factory Tour on the Introduction of Wood Curtain Wall systems (Thursday June 14th)

This event also received a great response; actually it received the greatest response we have ever had for any single event to a point where we are scheduling additional sessions. This is an innovative product just being introduced into BC (and all of Canada) and obviously our architect community is extremely interested in it.

Congratulations to both Live Edge Designs and Unison Windows for organizing events that have caught the attention of their audiences. It is also gratifying that the Specifiers Program proved to be the perfect vehicle for connecting both of these companies with their target audiences, the specifier communities.

As always, if you have any questions about this article or wish more information on the Specifiers Program, please contact me by phone at BC Wood’s office or e-mail me at rmanion@bcwood.com.

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