How to Design Great Trade Show Display Graphicss

Posted by Rumin Mann
June 6th, 2013

Skyline Tradeshow Tips -May 15, 2013

Walk around your next trade show and you’ll see a lot of great designs.  They look good, attract your attention, engage and tell a story.

You’ll also see a lot of bad designs!  Too many pictures, confusing messages and, what does that say?  It’s so small and there is so much text, I can’t even read it!

When it’s time to design your trade show display graphics, consider a few important points:

  • Who you are:  Obviously you want to be easily found in the show hall.  An effective way to accomplish this goal is by not only placing your logo & branding at the maximum height, but also repeating it in several different locations throughout the design.
  • What you do:  Great, your prospect has found your booth.  Now, can they quickly understand what your company does?  A tagline or short sentence should be near your logo, so that the attendee can relate who you are to what you do.
  • How you can help them:  Now that we understand you’re the “Acme Anvil Company” and you make “The most durable, USA-made and reconfigurable anvils” in the world, it’s time to explain why this is important and how it will add to their bottom line.  For example “Our anvils will increase your productivity by 37% and cut down-time by 1/3rd.”  Short bullet-points are another effective way to share this message, but don’t get too carried away.

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