Walking the floor at the HD Expo in Las Vegas

Posted by Dave Farley
May 15th, 2013

A few comments, suggestions, and ideas that may be of interest…


I decided to try something a little different for this weeks’ article in the Wood Connections. In today’s fast paced world of social media, we are constantly bombarded with information; staying on top of what is going on in our industry can be tough. So to help out, I’m sending a market report direct from the source.  So to help out, I’m sending a market report direct from the source.

I’m currently – as in right now – at the Hospitality Design Show (HD13) in stifling hot Las Vegas. I have been wandering around the show, meeting with exhibitors and attendees and sourcing out the latest in wood products design being showcased from manufacturers from across North America and Europe.

Here are some of the things that I heard and that caught my eye.

Wood continues to have a significant presence at the show. From Flooring to Wall Panelling, furniture to sculptures, wood is everywhere. A company out of Portugal was showing some innovative wall panels made from a variety of species, the most interesting being a stacked oak panel manufactured from reclaimed wine barrels. They have used this product in residential and commercial applications across North America.

A flooring supplier from Anaheim is showing engineered flooring manufactured from Reclaimed materials including rusted metal laminated to a plywood substrate. I thought this was an innovative use and representative of “mixed media’’ where materials are combined to create unique products. I have seen wood and resin, wood and glass, wood and metal, and enamel painted wood used on a variety of products throughout the show; this certainly can be considered a trend at this years’ HD show.

BC Wood member and manufacturer, Martha Sturdy is leading the way in mixed media, showcasing wood benches and sculptures that have been fire charred and stained black, creating a very unique and different look.

This is some of the market info that I have found so far and I still have over half the show to walk. In reading this, if anything interests you or you want to me to dig up some further intel, please send me an email to dfarley@bcwood.com or text me on my cell at 604 728 8786.

Below are images from the show. Now back to walking the show.


Above image: Wood furniture


Image above and below: Martha Sturdy’s booth featuring fire charred sculptures and benches



Above image: Wall panels made from wine barrels


Above image: Enamel painted outdoor furniture


Above image: Wood sculptures from Europe



Above image: Metal and plywood floor


Above image: Wood, resin, and LED lighted table

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