The 27 Rules of Engagement For Booth Staffers

Posted by Rumin Mann
March 12th, 2013

The Rules of Engagement tell the military the limitations they must follow in using force.  The Rules of Engagement for Booth Staffers are there to help prevent staffers from limiting their lead counts.

You can’t generate a big pile of trade show leads if you’re not adept at sparking and fanning the flames for many conversations.  So let’s do a deep dive on the start of the interaction that takes place in only a few seconds.

  1. Trade show booth staffers can only engage with attendees when they have their eyes on the aisle.
  2. Booth staffers that talk to each other can’t engage with attendees.
  3. For hyperactive booth staffers (such as most sales people), it is difficult, yet essential that they maintain their focus on aisle traffic through the entire show.
  4. Attendees will walk around a clump of people talking in front of your trade show display, instead of going into it. The bravest thing you can do is to ask your company senior management that is blocking your booth with their conversation to move away from the aisle.
  5. While some staffers can attempt to qualify leads by reading attendees’ badges as they walk down the aisle, that’s only for experts, because it can backfire. People don’t like to be treated as a number. If you are qualifying by the color of their badge, then go ahead, because you can see that from a distance. But if you try to read their company name to prequalify them, they will catch you and be offended. And if you read their name and call them by name, they will perceive you as very cheesy.

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