Targeted Pre-Show Marketing To Create Better Trade Show Leads

Posted by Rumin Mann
February 25th, 2013

If you simply set up your trade show booth and collect business cards or scan badges of everybody coming by, you’ll get a lot of leads, but they won’t be very good leads.  Sure, you might get a hot prospect or two, but you’ll burn through a lot of suspects along the way.  Can you afford to spend that time?

Worse yet, you’ll miss those list-building attendees who never even made it to your part of the show floor.

The secret to generating higher-quality leads – as with any form of successful marketing – is to offer a highly relevant message to a highly targeted audience.

That starts with a creative message that compels your target audience to learn more about you.  Ask a provocative question, make a challenging statement or suggest a different reality.  But make sure to let your audience know that you understand their situation and have a solution that solves their problem.  Remember, however, your goal with pre-show marketing is to earn a spot on the attendee’s must-see list. Nothing more.  It’s not the time to share your company’s history, list every feature, share prices or ask for the sale.
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