Launching a Canada Wood Phytosanitary Guidelines Website For Canadian Exporters of Canadian Forest Products

Posted by Rumin Mann
January 15th, 2013

By Brian Zak – Canada Wood

Understanding the rules for the export of forest products from Canada is complicated.  We ship to over 129 different countries and each country has its own version of import rules for countries that it imports from.   Phytosanitary rules govern the safe movement and trade of forest products around the world in order to prevent the introduction of quarantine pests and diseases.

The exports of Canadian forest products offshore have grown tremendously as we try and reduce our reliance on the U.S. marketplace and find new homes for our different products.  Canadian offshore shipments of sawn lumber, as an example, have increased from 9% in 2005 to over 37% at the end of 2011.  These Offshore shipments at the end of 2011 totaled over 5.2 billion Board Feet with a value in excess of $2.4 Billion.

In order to provide some guidance on the rules of entry, Canada Wood has put together a matrix of countries with the current levels of information.  These rules oftentimes change without notice and catch all of us off guard – but CFIA will be advising us of changes as they get to hear about them through the official channels.  IT DOES NOT HURT TO CHECK THE RULES OUT WITH CFIA BEFORE SHIPPING.  (Hence all the Disclaimers on each and every page – we are trying to do our best to keep you informed but we can’t guarantee that what we have in print is the final product!).  We try to make it comprehensive but easy to understand.

When you wander around the site you will see:

  • Home Page – with news alerts and notices section,
  • Product Categories – a list of what we try to cover,
  • Phytosanitary terms and definitions – for a practical understanding of what it all means,
  • Help and How-To section – on Import permits, Phyto permits, ISPM 15, CE Marking etc.
  • Country listings – 24 individual countries + EU 27 Member States + EU Protected Areas
  • Useful Links
  • Contact Us page

The new Website is located at: and is password protected. 

Send an email to  with your name, your company name, your location (town & province) and your e-mail address, and I will send you your User Name and Password for entry to the site.

Remember, this is for Canadian exporters of Canadian forest products – the export rules for shipments of products from other countries (i.e. United States rules) will be different from the rules for our products when we both may be entering the same country.

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