The Illustrated Guide to Log Home Construction

Posted by Rumin Mann
November 27th, 2012

This is a very unique book that focuses exclusively on converting the log shell into a finished home. It is a must-have guide for builders, general contractors and do-it yourself enthusiasts. It covers steps right from the foundations to ensure that the sill log will be tightly sealed, all the way to the installation of kitchen cabinets in a manner that will allow the logs to settle without damaging the cabinetry. Each chapter of this book shows one aspect of the finishing process and provides several options using a diverse selection of techniques and products available today. Three-dimensional colour drawings depict the placement of sealants, e.g., gaskets, wind-proofing membranes and vapour barriers, and explicitly show how to use and install them so that they effectively perform their function. The book is invaluable educational material and food-for-thought when developing new log building solutions and assemblies.

“This book is a giant step towards demystifying the process of turning a log shell into an outstanding dream home.”
Wayne Sparshu, Spar-Log Homes Inc., Alberta, Canada

“Log Homes are everyone’s dream home. Building with logs is truly an art and a science. This essential guide details the necessary provisions to complete the dream and avoid the nightmares of guesswork.”
Robert Savignac, Arbor Vitae Log Craft, British Columbia, Canada

“This book promotes the observation and understanding of the separate parts of the building process puzzle. It provides creative common sense solutions that have evolved through the open sharing of ideas by a network of focused log building professionals. The result yields enduring end-user satisfaction, creating more work for all.”
Donald L. Breimhurst, Home Field Advantage Ltd., Pennsylvania, USA

“This is critical, timely information that has been long overdue!”
John Boys, Nicola LogWorks, British Columbia, Canada

Only $24.99 CAN for FPInnovations members, $49.99 CAN for non-members and $49.99 USD for those residing outside Canada.

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