Specifier Program Update

Posted by Rumin Mann
November 1st, 2012

By Roy Manion

BC Wood continues to develop relationships with contractors and builders. As the readers may know, we are members of the Vancouver Regional Contractors Association (VRCA). Last Thursday, I attended a VRCA breakfast seminar sponsored by Wood Works BC on High Rise Wood Towers, the Next Step for BC. The speaker was Hubert Rhomberg, CEO of Rhomberg Holding GmbH and Cree GmbH, an Austrian company. The presentation was particularly interesting as the Rhomberg group built an 8 storey wood building in Austria (it went up one floor per day) and is one of three groups which have been asked to submit a proposal for the Tall Wood Tower in Prince George.

After the session, VRCA not only invited, but encouraged both BC Wood and Wood Works BC to utilize VRCA’s facilities to host group Lunch & Learn (L&L) sessions for their contractor members. As you may know, BC Wood has held a number of meetings and L&L sessions with several of the larger construction firms. These sessions have all been well received, and as a result, several firms have and continue to use BC Wood as a resource for information and product sourcing.

A few days prior to attending the VRCA breakfast meeting, we also met with the Independent Contractors Business Association (ICBA). The ICBA is an association that represents “open shop” construction companies. We have decided to join the ICBA as their membership is similar in size to the VRCA and provides us with access to additional construction companies. ICBA also encouraged us to use their facilities for group sessions.

In addition to these two associations, BC Wood is now working with the Canadian House Builders Association (CHBC), Sea to Sky (Whistler) Chapter and will be holding a L&L session in Whistler for their members on November 8th. Along with the CHBC members, we invited all of the Whistler architects. If all goes well, and we expect it will, we will look at a holding another session in Whistler with the CHBC in March.

Last Tuesday, we attended the Wood Solutions Fair and met with many architects and a number of companies in our industry who were exhibiting there. I also attended a seminar by Mateo Durfeld on Passive housing. Mateo is quickly setting himself up as the BC expert on passive housing.  After Mateo’s presentation, I then scooted over to the UBC Robson Square campus and participated as a speaker at CAWP’s Wood Tech Summit 2012. I gave a talk on marketing to architects.

This Thursday, November 1st, we are holding a seminar at UBC introducing a manufactured in BC hybrid solid wood curtain wall window system. Also speaking with me is an envelope consultant and a government representative on the requirements of the energy efficiency act and associated regulations. All in all, it looks like it will be a great session.

In addition, we are beginning plans for an Okanagan trip in February where we plan on holding group sessions and one or two individual L&L sessions in Kamloops and Kelowna. We already have two companies who have approached us to participate for the Okanagan sessions and we still have room for one or two more.

In the meantime, we are booking lunch & learn sessions primarily with the architect firms at their offices. We expect to do 30 more of these sessions by our fiscal year end, March 31st..

As one can see, the program continues to be very active. The interesting thing to me is that the group sessions we have held this year were all initiated by proactive participants in the program. We would encourage those who are reading this article who are not an active member of the Specifier Program to seriously look into it. You could benefit from exposing your products to the contractors and specifiers. For more information, feel free to contact me at 604-882-7100 orrmanion@bcwood.com

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