Practical Ways to Implement Safety in Wood Manufacturing Industry Part 2

Posted by Rumin Mann
November 1st, 2012

In the first installment on this topic, the importance of safety in the wood products manufacturing industry was discussed along with some of the costs associated with injuries in the workplace. While front line supervisors are responsible for productivity and managing costs, they often also have the direct responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of their workers. However, many supervisors, and companies do not have the tools to manage proactively rather than reactively. Fortunately, behaviors can be changed by implementing and using proper training methods such as Training within Industry (TWI) and others.

Every accident, whether it involves people’s injuries or not, results in costs. Invariably, these costs are either direct or indirect and they ultimately impact productivity and profitability. Direct costs of an accident include medical and/or indemnity payments. Indirect costs of an accident include supervisors’ lost time, spoiled product, unhappy customers, cleanup time, schedule delays, training new employees, overhead costs, legal fees, increased insurance costs and others. On average, indirect costs exceed direct costs by a 4:1 ratio.

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