Using Every Dimension For Your Custom Trade Show Display

Posted by Rumin Mann
August 8th, 2012

When designing a custom trade show display, it can be easy to get caught up in the details of fonts, graphics, portable displays versus banners and how much information you do or don’t want to focus on. But, there are also space and dimension considerations that are just as important.  Keep in mind that you will have only a limited amount of space to work in when you set up a display for a trade show.  In smaller spaces, you may have to limit yourself to portable displays, but you can still maximize your square footage’s impact by focusing on every dimension of your space and using it creatively.

Width Is The Opening Act

Most people focus first on how wide their booth space will be.  They create trade show booths that take advantage of every inch of the length of the area to promote their product or service, making sure that the information visitors need is right up front.  While this is a good way to entice people, it is a mistake to put all of your information out there. You don’t want convention attendees to snag copies of your brochure and your giveaway gift without having to leave the flow of traffic.  You don’t want them to move on without even slowing down.  A teaser headline on a banner stand or a bold graphic arching over their heads will encourage visitors to step inside your booth to learn more.

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