3 Key Things That Get Attendees Into Your Trade Show Booth

Posted by Rumin Mann
July 26th, 2012

It would be very easy to think that simply by building a beautiful trade show exhibit that many, many visitors will willingly come into your booth space. And for many years, that had been true.  But today, trade show attendees have become more skeptical and reluctant to leave the aisle and enter into booth spaces.

Not that people stay away from trade shows – trade show attendance is actually increasing.  But buyers at shows have become more skeptical because they have gained control of the buying process, thanks to the wealth of information available about products and companies on the Internet.

So while they still go to trade shows to shop for new products, it takes more to get their attention and get them to buy from you.

Here are three things that will persuade more trade show attendees to become your trade show booth visitors – and all three can be achieved with promotions:
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