Trade Show Exhibit Dress Code: Dressing For Success

Posted by Rumin Mann
June 28th, 2012

Your company’s trade show exhibit is the focal point for any conference or event you’re attending, but it won’t be the only thing representing your business.  You and the rest of the staff will also get plenty of attention.  By understanding the dress code for any event, you can ensure you’ll be putting your best foot forward and impressing attendees.

Dress For The Trade Show Exhibit Event

Although most venues don’t have a formal dress code, they usually have fairly clear guidelines that attendees and exhibitors are expected to follow.  In most cases, casual clothes are frowned on; exceptions include sports themed events and recreational events such as boat shows.  For professional conferences (medical, legal, etc.) you should always dress as though it were an important day at the office.  If you’d wear a suit to meet your CEO, then a suit is best for a trade show booth.

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