Online Management Skills Training Courses

Posted by Rumin Mann
April 2nd, 2012

CAWP offers a Management Skills Training Program as a set of 8 short, affordable training courses for wood products manufacturers. Each module is taken online with email and phone support from a tutor.

Who will Benefit?

  • Entrepreneurs in the wood products industry who need to learn about and implement various management systems in order to delegate responsibilities and focus on business growth
  • Management or supervisory-track employees within wood products companies of all sizes who need to gain new skills to move into positions of greater responsibility
  • Employees who need to understand specific functions within their company in order to do their own jobs more efficiently (e.g. salespeople who need to understand how production decisions are made and vice versa)
  • People from non-wood products backgrounds who are preparing to take on supervisory or management roles in the industry

April 2nd – May 14th, 2012

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales & (Green) Marketing

May 14th – June 25th, 2012

  • Business Finance & Equipment Evaluation
  • Factory Planning & Equipment Justification

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