Architect & Designer Program Update

Posted by Rumin Mann
April 2nd, 2012

By Roy Manion


Recently, the Architect Program has been focusing on major contractors including such companies as Smith Bros & Wilson, Metro Can, Scott Construction, UPA, and Titan; this is in addition to companies that include PCL, Ledcor, Ellis Don, and more. The purpose of meeting with contractors is the same as meeting with architects. That is, we inform them about the value-added wood products that are available from our province and then connect those who are tasked with sourcing products to those who manufacture them. We tell all who we meet that they no longer have to ‘Google’ to determine where they can source product or information, they simply contact BC Wood and we will provide the names of the appropriate companies. This message has been well received and the entire endeavor has already proven to be worthwhile, as we have received several inquiries from construction firms who, until we met with them, didn’t know that we existed.

Also, like architects and designers, contractors, in many cases didn’t know and perhaps didn’t care, where the products were produced – a situation we are working on changing.

One area that some construction companies have spoken to me about is for more manufacturers to offer installation services. I know this is standard for many industries (architectural millwork, cabinet manufacturers, and log & timber frame companies to name some) but for those who don’t, you may wish to consider doing so. The reason is that sub-contracting out entire segments of projects, which include supply and installation, makes life easier for the general contractor. Simply put, the more services the manufacturer offers, the greater the potential of securing an order becomes. Think about it!

In the meantime, we continue to meet with architects and have set up lunch & learn sessions. Most of these are for firms we have already met and they have requested follow up sessions on specific products, something we are more that anxious to provide.

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