Upcoming Technical Webinars

Posted by Rumin Mann
March 1st, 2012

The practical application of the latest R&D can help businesses improve their manufacturing processes, develop new products and enter new markets.

Two new webinars will be presented in March. These are short 30 minute presentations that feature new information, and its potential impact to businesses.

Webinar 1 – Development of Short Joint Profile for Manufacturing Structural Finger-Joined Lumber
Date & Time: March 6th and 8th at 10:00 AM PST:
For more information click here
To register:https://www.eply.com/shortjointprofile

Webinar 2Minimizing Glue Bleed Through When Using Water-Based Coatings
Date & Time: March 20th and 22nd  at 10:00 AM PST:
For more information click here
To register: https://www.eply.com/adhesiveglueline


Additional webinar presentations on a variety of topics can be found at the following link : http://www.solutionsforwood.ca/industry_info/webinar.html

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