Timber Engineering Technical Workshop – March 23rd

Posted by Rumin Mann
March 1st, 2012

The UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing will hold a Timber Engineering Technical Workshop on March 23rd 2012 at Quaaout Lodge, Little Shuswap Lake, BC. The event is being held as a pre-conference event in conjunction with the BC Log and Timber Building Industry annual conference, with financial supported provided by the Business Innovation Partnership. The workshop presenters will be Thomas Tannert and Maik Gehloff from UBC’s Wood Building Design and Timber Engineering and Applied Mechanics groups, with topics selected based on the input of LTBI members. Registration is through the LTBI, and anyone interested in attending (non-members welcome) are asked to contact Patti Lefrancois at pattileft@gmail.com.

Timing: 10am-4pm with a lunch break from 12.30-1.30pm

Part 1: Assessment and Monitoring of Timber Structures

  • Parameters that are assessed in timber structures (e.g., moisture content, strength, density)
  • Non-destructive techniques (e.g. sonic stress waves, ultrasonic echo, x-ray)
  • Semi-destructive techniques (e.g. resistance drilling, core samples, shear core tests)
  • Practical examples on:
    • How parameters relate to structural performance
    • Continuous monitoring techniques for moisture content
    • Internal strain measurement using fiber optics

Part 2a: Connectors in Timber Construction

  • Review of widely used connectors in North America
  • Overview of engineered connectors from Europe
  • Self-tapping screws
    • How they work
    • How to use them most efficiently
    • Other connectors like SHERPA and some others
      • Usage examples for timber-frame and log-building
      • Introduction to moment connections

Part 2b: Rounded Dovetail Joints

  • Current design guidelines and influence of geometry and production parameters
  • CNC fabricated vs. hand-routed joints

Possible improvement in performance through reinforcements

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