2012’s Biggest Trends in Trade Show Marketing

Posted by Rumin Mann
March 1st, 2012

Trade show exhibiting is an ever-changing, ever-evolving world.  To explore the new developments in the industry, we polled Skyline dealers throughout North America asking them one question: “What do you think the biggest trend in trade show marketing will be for 2012?”

Increased Use Of Social Media

From Facebook to interactive webinars, the growth of social media is the top trend for 2012.  Pre-show promotions using Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin and at-show promotions rewarding those who “check-in” at the show are already growing in popularity.  Exhibitors want prospects to be able to access data at events and have giveaways associated with their social media plans.  Drawing traffic to your trade show booth and brand through social media is certainly a trend that will continue throughout the year and beyond.  Rick Bengermino, from Skyline Maryland says, “I think clients want to have more interactive elements to engage prospects.”

Greater Integration Of Technology Into Exhibits

The tablet and iPad craze will be built into more trade show exhibits for an exciting visual aspect in 2012.  Incorporation of these devices will allow exhibit staff to demonstrate new products, one-on-one with attendees, anywhere in the booth.  Shipping and storage costs will begin to decline due to the ability to now display products without actually bringing them to the show.  All of these benefits will allow staffers to reach more attendees and capture more leads.  Most recently, trade show exhibitors have seen integration of the tablet with CRM programs.  The major benefit being it gives quick access to the best leads and the ability to create a customized fulfillment plan.  Jodi Maitlen of Skyline Oklahoma agrees, “An overall greater inclusion of technology on the show floor” will be the ticket to success.

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