Report: Prairie Showcase in Saskatoon

Posted by Rumin Mann
January 30th, 2012

By Roy Manion

While we continued our ongoing efforts to work with architects, designers, and now contractors, yours truly also travelled to Saskatoon the week of Jan 16th to participate in the Prairie Showcase, an annual event that has been held in Saskatoon in mid-January for the past 11 years. The reason given for the timing is that the weather is so cold (it was -35C with the wind chill factor bring it down to -48C) that there isn’t much going on, allowing companies to send key personnel to the show.

The Prairie Showcase is for members only; companies must belong to the WRLA to participate either as an exhibitor or as a buyer, and is designed primarily as a buying show.  Exhibitors are encouraged to have credible “show specials”. This has been a very successful format which has resulted in the show growing over the years to become one the largest of its kind in Canada. This was BC Wood’s first year of attending with the purpose of creating an awareness of BC’s value-added wood industry and products to the attendees. In this regard, we did have a number of retailers stop at our booth to inquire about specific products and where they might be sourced.

This can be an excellent show for BC Wood and some of its members (who are able to sell to major retailers) and we have added it again to our line-up of activities for next year – so keep it in mind.

Over and above the Prairie Showcase, BC Wood continues to call on architects and major contractors which included meetings with Bird Construction and EllisDon. We also attended a millwork seminar for the technical committee of the Greater Vancouver House Builders Association.

The last couple of weeks also included our working with a timber frame company on Vancouver Island to finalize and send out invitations for a tour and seminar event. Early response from the architect community for the event has been excellent.

For further information on anything in this article or if you wish to participate in the Architect Program, please contact me at or you can reach me at the BC Wood office

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