Korea Update – MBC Construction Expo

Posted by David Pao
January 30th, 2012

This week in Korea, BC Wood’s in-market representative, Mr. JC Lee, has been very active in wrapping up participation and exhibition at the 28th MBC Construction Expo at SETEC in Seoul. One of Korea’s premier building and construction conferences, the MBC show had over 350 exhibitors and approximately 150,000 attendees.

BC Wood worked closely with Canada Wood partners, Council of Forest Industries (COFI) and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), in displaying a unified booth representing Canadian wood product manufacturers. Five companies participated in the event in a joint effort to market Canadian products to the attendees of the event including Korean builders, architects, home-owners, distributors, and material importers. Exhibitors in the booth displayed products ranging from construction lumber to engineered wood timber products. For some companies, participating with BC Wood in the Canadian pavilion marked a first step into the highly competitive Korean market.

In addition to the highly visible space at the show, BC Wood and CMHC coordinated a wood products seminar for members of Korea’s building and construction industry. Member companies had the opportunity to present information about Canadian wood products and company capabilities to nearly 200 attendees at this event.

South Korea’s interest in wood products and construction reflects a strong wood history and affinity for the material. Korean consumers are growing more sophisticated and are looking into higher quality imported products that are environmentally compliant. With growing affluence and ongoing improvements in living standards, Korea is rapidly developing into a market with high potential for both wood frame construction and value-added wood products in the foreseeable future.

For more information about events in the Korean market, please contact David Pao at dpao@bcwood.com

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