Best Practices: Training Within Industry (TWI)

Posted by Rumin Mann
November 22nd, 2011

Supervisory training is a requirement for most manufacturers because in many companies, they carry a large responsibility for production, quality and cost control. The training of new and existing employees is an ongoing process and is often the responsibility of supervisors. As a result, any steps taken to improving their supervisory skills to effectively and efficiently handle the ongoing requirements of training can only benefit a company.

Background and History
The Training Within Industry (TWI) “J” programs were developed by an organization formed in the early 1940s by the U.S. War Production Board. The purpose of the programs was to assist the defense industries to meet their manpower needs by “training within industry” each worker to make the fullest use of their best skill. The programs trained individuals as quickly as possible and were based on a multiplier effect to allow the maximum number of people to respond to the challenges in the shortest period of time.

Five Skills for Good Supervisors

As the programs developed, a structured way to talk about supervisory needs and provide a clear concept of TWI in relation to the basic needs of all supervisors was formed. During this time, the “Five Needs for Good Supervisors” were identified:

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