Connectors for Kitchen Cabinet Producers – A Comparative Study

Posted by Rumin Mann
October 14th, 2011

A recently completed study examined some of the most commonly asked manufacturing questions of Canadian kitchen cabinet and furniture manufacturers (Tremblay, 2010). Namely, which assembly system is the strongest, and which manufacturing process is the most efficient.

Visits to furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturers’ plants revealed that several case assembly systems are currently in use. These systems were evaluated using three mechanical resistance tests involving the application of shear loads and tensile loads. The second part of the report focused on a comparative study of the manufacturing and assembly time for a model kitchen using four different manufacturing processes. Plans for the model kitchen were provided by one of the project partners, a kitchen cabinet manufacturer.

The various systems used by the industry appear to meet sturdiness requirements although variation in performance is expected to a certain extent. With respect to the most appropriate assembly system, manufacturers choose a system based on a combination of perceived value and cost.

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