What Transforms A Trade Show Exhibit Into An Experience?

Posted by Rumin Mann
September 28th, 2011

Do you want attendees to remember your exhibit long after the event is over?  If so, key into something educators have discovered; the more senses you engage in your booth experience the more people will remember your message.  People are classified as visual, audio or kinesthetic learners and all three types will be at your trade show.  Here are some ways to turn your trade show exhibits into an experience for everyone who visits:


  1. Get rid of the clutter.  Keep the area clean and inviting.  Push the tables & chairs to the side or take them down altogether.  Make certain you have a large enough trade show booth space to properly display your information.
  2. Graphics.  Think about billboards – use eye-catching colors with text, photos or illustrations, but don’t be a laundry list of product specifications that no one will read… (that information will be listed in handouts).  Strategically placed LED lighting should spotlight the boards.
  3. Consider Other Dimensions.  Strategically place lighting within your trade show booth space to highlight logos & graphics or create fading motion.  Think about the type of carpet or flooring that relates to your brand colors and the sense of feeling when attendees step into your booth space.

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