Spotlight: Mandala Homes

Posted by Rumin Mann
September 2nd, 2011

For 11 years, Mandala Homes has been designing and building pre-fabricated round and rectangular home packages in Nelson, BC and distributing all over the globe, with Canada and US being their main market. Along with pre-fabricated home packages, they also sell decking, flooring, trim packages, pre-stained cedar siding, timber frame components and wood window & door packages.   Mandala Homes, with their triple-bottom line business model, makes every business decision by taking into account the financial, social, and environmental impact.

Mandala Homes is the only round home builder in Canada and one of only few in North America. Round homes use less building surface to enclose the same square footage as a rectangular building, resulting in less BTUs needed to heat than a conventional home. Mandala Homes’ innovative air tightness design provides a strong barrier from the elements, limiting air leakage and vastly cutting down on heating and cooling costs.

One of the strongest benefits of a round/faceted structure is its natural resistance to strong winds and seismic activity. The round design allows the wind to wrap around rather than push against it and the conical roof prevents roof lifting due to negative pressures over the lee side of the house. The interdependence of all of the building components makes it easy to engineer connectors to tie the building to the foundation system for areas that experience earthquake activity.

They are dedicated to creating positive change in the world through innovative green technology and a focus on using safe, healthy, and sustainable building products. Mandala Homes incorporates a Smart Waste Program in their production facility which minimizes the amount of material ending up in a land fill. The factory is powered by a windmill farm in Northern BC and is heated by a high efficiency wood burning stove; leftover wood cutoffs are burned instead of thrown into the dumpster. They also use sustainable and renewable products and low VOC or non-toxic materials.   Mandala Homes also has a LEED Accredited Professional (AP) Designer and Engineer available for any LEED projects. One of their projects in 2010, a health food store in Fort Nelson, won the Best BC Green Business of the Year award.

Through their commitment to innovative green technology, they created The Comfort Wall System. With this system, they have moved from the standard R20 insulation rating to R34 in the wall and R66 in the roof. They use Roxul mineral wool insulation which is created from recycled mineral.   The insulation is fire resistant; repels water so the R-value is not affected; completely resistant to rot, mildew, mold, and bacterial growth; and absorbs sound. To limit thermal bridging, a blanket of Roxul Board is used on the outside of the wall, along with the air barrier, creating an air tight seal around the complete building envelope. Stay tuned to their Facebook page on when they are coming out with this new technology.

Along with their dedication to the environment, Mandala Homes also gives back to their community. For example, they support Habondia’s Women in Sustainable Housing (WISH) project.   This 30 month pilot project’s goal is to support women survivors of violence and senior women in increasing their money management skills and improving their economic security through obtaining or maintaining sustainable housing.

When it comes to social media, Mandala Homes is quite successful. With almost 5,000 Facebook fans and up to a 75% engagement rate, they have an edge up in the industry. With a post almost every day, Mandala Homes is keeping their fans engaged and informed on the topics of energy efficiency, sustainable building practices, company projects, and the soul of the home. This activity strengthens their brand awareness.

For more information on Mandala Homes, please visit and their Facebook page:

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