Spotlight: Kootenay Innovative Wood

Posted by Rumin Mann
September 23rd, 2011

By Annette Carberry,Executive Assistant, Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. Ltd.

In 2000, Kootenay Innovative Wood Ltd (KIW), a modern 30 million bf capacity re-manufacturing plant, first broke ground and began operations. Their goal is to create 100% natural softwood products for home enhancement, protection, and beauty, while maintaining the highest standards of product quality and Forest Stewardship.

Using locally harvested fibre supplied by Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. Ltd., KIW was soon producing superior products and sales began taking off. 12 years later, KIW is going strong, providing local, national, and global markets with softwood flooring, paneling, decking, and exterior home siding products. Located in the heart of British Columbia’s Southern Interior, KIW is surrounded by some of the finest softwood forests in the world yielding over 13 commercial softwood species.

Sustainability and Forest Stewardship are a top priority for KIW working closely with Kalesnikoff Lumber as a supplier of premium fibre both companies achieved FSC Certification in January 2010. All KIW product lines are now available with the FSC Mark guaranteeing the highest standard of forest stewardship today.


Kootenay Innovative Wood’s state-of-the-art equipment combined with the expertise of the crew, graders, and QC team easily assures the accuracy and consistency of its numerous product lines. Growing to an annual capacity of 30 million bf in 10 short years, KIW is excited about plans to expand further to support an increase in production and services. The 35,000 sq. ft. plant boasts a Weinig 8 head Jointed Moulder, Leadermac Moulder, Custom OSI End-Matching Line, and a McDonough Re-saw, all of which allow KIW a wide range of versatility for production and custom processing. Their on-site grinding room allows for the sharpening and custom cutting of knives for specialty orders.

KIW offers many choices for species and natural wood blends which produce unique colors and machine well to accept superior finishes. Their ESLP blend of 30% Engelmann Spruce and 70% Lodgepole Pine yields a strong, flexible exterior home siding in many styles and is currently their most popular species for interior paneling. Well known for their 2×6 Douglas Fir T&G decking, in 2010 KIW responded to market demands by adding 3×6 double T&G Douglas Fir decking to their product line. They are currently exploring the option of providing pre-drilling for the 3×6 decking in the future.


Kootenay Innovative Wood offers a variety of products including siding, flooring, paneling, and Douglas Fir finished products. They are constantly monitoring the trends and adding to their product lines in accordance to these demands.

Please click here for detailed descriptions for some of their main product line and to read the entire article

Looking ahead to 2012, Kootenay Innovative Wood Ltd. is excited to expand on new products and species, such as their Idaho White Pine Paneling introduced in 2010. Idaho White Pine is currently sought after by fine furniture makers around the world and Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. Ltd. is one of only a few mills in Canada currently producing White Pine products. Having exclusive access to this exceptional fibre has allowed KIW to create this new paneling line.

A new website is also on the list for 2012 for KIW, please visit them at and watch for the new website changes coming soon.

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