Going Beyond Expectations

Posted by Rumin Mann
September 28th, 2011

As LEED and green building practices shift from margin to mainstream, the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), which started out with the dawn of LEED in the early 2000s, is coming of age and claiming new ground.

According to CaGBC’s own strategic plan, four main factors are driving the organization to explore new directions between now and 2013: the mainstreaming of green, changes in LEED delivery and certification internationally, CaGBC’s growing influence and responsibility, and the evolution of the green marketplace.

One of the most interesting new directions CaGBC has identified for itself, and one which we can expect will distinguish its path from that of the United States Green Building Council, is a shift from centering on LEED to the development of new programs and services.

“We recognize that we must address a number of different market segments, from single-family homes to buildings and entire communities,” says Mark Hutchinson, the director of green building programs at CaGBC. “We also reach out to as broad an audience as possible, from those at the leading edge of sustainability to those who perhaps are not sure what their first steps should be.” Recognizing this varied market, CaGBC has developed programs in addition to LEED, and also supports other organizations’ programs in instances where CaGBC believes it can add value.

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