Don’t Make Your Edgebander the Bottleneck in your Plant

Posted by Rumin Mann
September 14th, 2011

Using value stream mapping (VSM) to determine flow, location and options of your edgebander. The term value stream mapping refers to the tool for showing the sequence and movement (mapping) of information, materials and actions for a given product flow (value stream). Usually, the mapping is done by following a product’s production path in reverse, or upstream from customer to supplier.

In this article, the value stream being addressed includes the action of edgebanding wood components in a millwork shop and how this operation affects what happens before product comes to the edgebander and also after it leaves the edgebander.

It is important to capture the big picture rather than just what is happening at the edgebander. In very simplistic terms one needs to know the cycle times of all the operations (both value added and non value added) in the production sequence (including set up time or change over) as well as what is happening to the work in progress or inventory between processing steps.

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