Design Your Trade Show Exhibit For The 4th Dimension

Posted by Rumin Mann
September 2nd, 2011

Exhibit designersmake a big deal about how trade show exhibits are 3-dimensional – they have length, width, and height.  That 3D perspective creates much greater visual impact than 2D marketing mediums.

Yet exhibits are actually 4-dimensional, the 4th dimension being time.  We exist in three spatial dimensions and in one temporal dimension, which combine to be called spacetime.

During a trade show your static 3D exhibit can be transformed into an interactive 4D exhibit attendees experience through the activities you host in your exhibit.   4D trade show exhibits create greater impact than a 3D exhibit that looks the same during the show as during non-show hours.

Here are 7 ideas to transform your exhibit into a 4-dimensional marketing time machine:

1)  Demos
According to research from CEIR, demonstrations are one of the most effective at-show activities you can do to make your exhibit memorable.  Demos create movement and get attendees involved with your products and services.  The best demos help make explicit the advantages of your products, and give attendees irrefutable visual and experiential proof of your claims.

2)  Presentations
When you host a presentation in your trade show booth, it signifies to attendees that there’s something special about to happen.  It’s a bit of the “show” aspect of trade shows, with a professional presenter, backdrop, and amplified sound.  Attendees know they’ll get a concise, informative, and maybe even entertaining few minutes that will allow them to get valuable info, without having to commit to declaring themselves a prospect.  You can schedule presentations as often as every 10 minutes, and pull in crowds to hear what you’ve got to say.

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