Building Green, Means Building with Wood

Posted by Rumin Mann
September 23rd, 2011

The Executive Director of Wood Works, says progress is being made when it comes to using wood in construction projects beyond housing construction.

Speaking at the COFI (Council of Forest Industries) convention in Prince George, Mary Tracey told delegates a survey in 1998 indicated that while 50% of the buildings surveyed could have used wood in construction, less than 10% actually had.
That has changed, she says, in part because of the Wood First Act which requires wood to be the primary construction material in all provincially funded projects, and the changes to the Building code which opened the door for wood construction to be allowed in 6 storey construction instead of just 4.
Tracey says the call now, is not just for building with wood, but “Green Building” which focuses on the environmental impacts  and positive attributes of using wood over other products such as steel or concrete. She says a wood frame construction home of 2,400 square feet is sequestering 28,516 kgs of carbon, or the equivalent of emissions from one average car travelling 20 thousand kms a year for 7 years.
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