HIRE a UBC Wood Products Processing Co-op Student

Posted by Rumin Mann
August 22nd, 2011

As your company plans its talent acquisition strategy for the upcoming year, consider hiring a Co-op Student from the UBC Wood Products Processing Program.

The Bachelor of Science Wood Products Processing degree is designed to produce graduates capable of working in a diverse range of positions within the wood products sector.  This degree is a fusion between wood science, industrial engineering, and business as applied to the wood products sector that prepares graduates for careers in the wood products sector and related fields.  Students gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of wood while exploring business and advanced manufacturing operations.  This program places a strong emphasis on teaching students trouble-shooting, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership skills.

Co-op students are available full-time for 4 to 8 month work terms starting in January, May, and September.  Wages are determined by the employer in accordance with their existing salary structure and based on the students’ skills and previous work experience.  The next recruitment cycle for students available to commence 4 to 8-month work terms in January 2012 starts NOW!

Hiring a co-op student is easy; all you need to do is submit a job posting.  It can be sent via email to wood.co-op@ubc.ca.  The Co-op Office will send you applications (resumes and cover letters) approximately one week after your job description is received.  They will also schedule interviews with your short-listed candidates (phone interviews can be arranged), and advise all candidates of the interview results once you have made your hiring decision

By hiring a Wood Products Processing Co-op student, you are helping grow and develop the next generation of managers and leaders in both the value-added and primary wood products industry.
How can a Wood Products Processing Co-op Student help you?

  • Co-op students bring immediate value to your organization, helping you manage an expanding workload, peak work periods, and/or a special project – convenient way to staff short term projects
  • As a Co-op employer, you will be able to cost-effectively identify emerging talent and evaluate potential future employees
  • This Co-op program is a low risk, high reward recruitment strategy
  • Employers receive valuable short term, high quality labour/project assistance. Examples of assistance they can provide you:
    • Write standard operating, safety, or quality assurance procedures
    • Assist quality control personnel conduct tests and special projects
    • Conduct material flow analysis or time and motion studies
    • Prepare feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis
    • Conduct market research, data analysis, and write reports
    • Assist in re-engineering of production processes
    • Track sources of losses or down-graded material
    • Assist with product research and development
    • Develop and implement quality control programs

For more information on the Wood Products Processing Co-op program, or to hire a student, please contact:

Linda Dom, Co-op Coordinator, Wood Products Processing
Tel: (604) 822-4793
E-mail: linda.dom@ubca.ca

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